Moving forward…onto APIIT and OUSL


Right now we’re watching a video of a man using a Motorola phone inside a water-filled tube.  He slides through at high speed and emerges dripping wet, completing his call – and duh, the phone is waterproof. This is one sample from the array of Motorola stuff laid out on the table here. While we doubt they’d put their flashiest, latest top-of-the line stuff out for display, this stuff is good enough to impress. 

The judges are weighing the pros and cons, so let’s have a look. We’ve got two stalls from APIIT side by side – one of them with an Evacuation monitoring system and the other with a central supply chain management system – sounds like something a supermarket might want on their hands. The team from the Open university  of Sri Lanka has come up with a decision support system for floriculture. Most of what we’ve got so far seems to be management and information solutions for different types of businesses.

Clearly some stuff is more commercially attractive than others…heading onward, we come across two more stalls from the University of Peradeniya and another team from Kelaniya. Look like these two uni’s have taken enterprise development to heart, so to speak. The Kelaniya team is showing off a Railway information and communication system: the teams from Peradeniya have got a pharmacy management system and … m-Midwife, which sounds like a mobile health app? An SOS system? Let’s go see. 


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