MSI unveils new flagship gaming laptops at Colombo event


MSI, which has been enjoying a meteoric rise in the uber-elite high-performance circles, recently unveiled its latest flagship laptops at a deal meetup on the 20th of May, 2014. At the event, we were treated to a lengthy history of MSI (Wikipedia, anyone?) and the real deal: the MSI GS70, GP60 and CX61.10325702_10203090841325988_6706115105750735152_n

The GX70, undoubtedly the largest critter on display, is part of MSI’s AMD-oriented offerings: it bundles and AMD quad-core A10 processor with Radeon R9 M290X graphics and speakers by dYnaudio (usually seen inside cars by Bugatti and Volkswagen).

There’s also their usual highly customizable Steelseries keyboard paired up with a 17.3″ HD display – MSI calls this one the Destroyer. As of the present, these and the MSI laptops already in circulation in Sri Lanka (such as the GE40, GT70 and GS60) represent what is arguably the biggest gaming / performance laptop distribution network in Sri Lanka, with ASUS’s elusive Republic of Gamers laptops appearing on store shelves only once in a blue moon.10372033_10203090843446041_3735577460247146451_n
Also present was the GP60, a smaller 15.3″ model packing a 4th-generation Intel i7 processor, Nvidia Geforce 740M graphics and a Solid State Hybrid Drive. Judging by the specifications, this one’s the mid-level option. Rounding up was the CX61.


MSI’s been turning some heads, especially at Computex and CES 2014. Their recent unveiling of a 15-inch concept gaming notebook packing a 3K display (that’s apparently marketing talk for a 2880 x 1620 resolution) and weighing only as much as a 13-inch Macbook Air garnered quite a bit of interest. 

According to the MSI representatives at the event, these laptops will likely first turn up at Redline Technologies, Majestic City.


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