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203 may be a tad misleading: no, it doesn’t do fast cars, glamorous women or supercomputers. What it does do, brilliantly, is help get your personal events up and online.

Essentially, MyWish is a site that offers a set of integrated services. The first, MyWish Pages, allows you to create event pages and invitations for those special events – birthdays, weddings, valentines et al. Technically, it’s essentially a highly themed web-page wizard catering specifically towards a drag-n-drop ease of use and certain events. Once you create such a page, you can share it around Facebook (or Google+, if you use it) to invite people to your event.




You can also buy stuff, say, for that birthday you’ve just been invited to, and have it shipped and delivered via Mywish’s service – which is shaping up to be a very neat and usable e-store. There’s also an interesting tab pointing to, which seems to be evolving into a Yahoo! Answers-like service pointed mostly towards wedding how-to’s.




Signing up for all this is fairly straightforward: you can either use your email or Facebook / Google+. A verification code is instantly sent to your mobile. Tap that in and you’re good to go.




*cough* exploring the wedding page feature *cough*




Now currently, all aspects of MyWish – MyStore, Answers – have yet to be padded out. Functionality is pretty much focused on weddings. It’s been worked on. The current – the one we’re looking at right now – is version 2, which came out a little over a month ago. We can’t say if this will ever fully replace the very traditional Sri Lankan wedding invitation, but for birthdays and other events?

Even as a way to store your wedding memories online, Mywish definitely has potential. They’re essentially in competition with Facebook’s own ability to create events and invite people. As far as weddings go, they’re easily ahead. You can add a wishlist (so people know what to get you), a gallery of your moments together, and it even has Google Maps integration for the venue. All you have to do is add photos, type in your names and venue – and that’s pretty much it. All in one share-able page. Very handy, indeed.



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  1. I'm confused, maybe a branding confusion. I thought Mywish was for a cancer cause in SL? Are these brands at all linked?


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