N00b Alliance calls you to Get nAiled ’16


The time has come once again when the cyber-athletes in yellow & black, n00b Alliance calls the entire community to take part in their super action-packed eSports fiesta – Get nAiled ’16. The event is organized in partnership with Hutch and under the rules and regulations of Gamer.LK.Get nAiled will be opening the doors for the third consecutive year for participants to take part in the community’s favorite titles on 26-27th November at ICBT Campus, Bambalapitiya.

Get nAiledThe competitive titles played at this year’s Get nAiled are as follows:

  • Call of Duty 4 (5vs5) – PC
  • DOTA2 (5vs5) – PC
  • League of Legends (5vs5) – PC
  • Mortal Kombat XL (1vs1) – PC
  • FIFA ’16 (1vs1) – PC

N00b Alliance holds the reputation of being a community-friendly clan with a long-building legacy. They have been a major strength behind the development of eSports as a whole in Sri Lanka. While they made the blocks, they also solidified their foundation by becoming the champions in Call of Duty 4 during many instances. The clan is well prepared and they are taking another step to enhance the local community by hosting another season of Get nAiled.

Take part in the exciting eSports fiesta and not only emerge victoriously but also walk away with exciting cash prizes. The time has come to prepare your defenses because things are gonna Get nAiled. If you’re up for the challenge head over here and register now. For more details, check out the event page on Facebook here.


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