The National CxO Forum 2017 kicks off today


After a short break, it’s back once again. Today, FITIS will be organizing the second National CxO Forum. In case you’re lost, the National CxO forum is an event that’s aimed at empowering leaders in businesses organizations for better information and digital governments. The forum will be held today evening at the JAIC Hilton Union Ballroom. So what can we expect from this forum?

The theme of the National CxO Forum 2017 is artificial Intelligence (Image credits: Opentopic)

Starting off, the theme of the National CxO Forum 2017 is on artificial intelligence. Can business organizations and governments use AI? The short answer to that is yes. The long answer that includes how they can use it effectively is a bit more complicated. To help answer these questions, the National CxO Forum will feature a panel of strong of speakers. This panel will feature two international speakers as well as two local speakers who will be sharing successful case studies of AI and Machine Learning techniques.

As with the last National CxO Forum, you can expect these speakers to share practical strategies and success stories in harnessing AI and other technologies. This is to foster innovation from the top down to sustain business in today’s disrupted world. If that sounds a bit too complicated, worry not. There will also be a panel discussion with the speakers where you can ask them any queries or questions you may have.

The speakers you'll meet at the National CxO Forum (Image credits: FITIS)
The speakers you’ll meet at the National CxO Forum (Image credits: FITIS)

So if you’re interested in learning from this panel of speakers at the National CxO Forum to harness the power of AI, click here. Admission is free, all you have to is register to get your invitation to the event. But if you can’t make it then worry not. As always, we at the ReadMe team will be bringing you the news from events like the National CxO forum as they unfold. So keep an eye on @ReadMeLive on Twitter or @readmelk on Instagram.


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