Navdy: Google Glass for Your Car


Everybody’s had this moment you’re checking his Whatsapp and you look up suddenly find yourself speeding headfirst into a whole lotta traffic. We certainly have (cough *Enosh Praveen* cough).

Which is why we think Navdy is so cool. Navdy’s a nifty device that syncs to your smartphone and projects information about six feet in front of you. It shows you your notifications, lets you make calls (using gestures) use voice recognition to, well, do whatever you can do with Siri or Google Now. Not only does it make you feel like something out of Terminator, it turns gives you a pretty neat Heads-Up-Display.

In fact, “Google Glass for your car” is really an apt description, except it also works with iPhones. The actual hardware is a unit vaguely reminiscent of handheld console, packing WiFi, a projector, a dual-core processor, Android 4.4 and IR camera for gesture detection.

No, Adam, but we wouldn't mind a piece of that...Navdy
No, Adam, but we wouldn’t mind a piece of that…Navdy

The device isn’t out yet – it’s slated to ship in early 2015, and as of the time of writing, you can get it for $299 (it’s going to retail for $499). The README team is seriously considering getting one.




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