nCinga And Robi Partner Up To Boost Bangladesh Garment Industry


Robi, the second largest network operator in Bangladesh recently joined hands with nCinga Innovations. The agreement will see nCinga introduce IoT based smart factory solutions to the garment, or more accurately, the Ready Made Garment sector of the country.

Who’s nCinga?

IoT is not something  new to Sri Lanka. But in case you’re lost, nCinga is a Sri Lankan startup that focuses on IoT and analytics. Founded by Imal Kalutotage and Vijitha Abeywardena, the company facilitates services that require IoT technologies and real-time event capturing and processing. Last year, we actually met up with the co-founders for a Startup Parable episode. Here, they shared their journey and inspiration behind the idea for the company. Few years back, the pair had bonded over a drink. They started talking about IoT and Analytics. This eventually got them to kick-start nCinga.

So what exactly is this smart factory?

Dubbed nFactory, this smart factory solution looks at providing manufacturers with real time operational insights and predictive analytics. What this simply means is that nFactory will allow you to control the pace of factory operations at any time, any where. The system includes 2 main components, Tracer and TopSpin. Tracer enables the data to be available and analyzed in real time for real-time decision making in the manufacturing process. The TopSpin, eliminates repetitive work using smart automation technologies.

The solution also includes an inbuilt analytics component that enables better real-time decision making primarily via visualization of gathered data. With just a click, users could have access to these analytics visualizations and various management dashboards.

nCinga | nFactory
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Through the partnership, Robi will provide its enterprise solutions for the project. So what does all of this entail? Simply put, nFactory would enable actionable insights to decision makers to improve productivity and ensure quality of products for manufacturing companies. Moving forward, the future of the Ready Made Garment sector of Bangladesh looks to be quite positive. Here’s us wishing the folks at nCinga the very best in your efforts in Bangladesh.






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