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Anyone who travels regularly in Colombo knows the awful amount of time and energy it takes away in doing so. If you have to make a few stops along the way then things get even more difficult. Sometimes roads themselves aren’t the things that are busy. We get busy with our work and are often left with the need for certain items but is caught up with things to complete. If you’re facing these problems then you should checkout the hot new app in town. The name is NicNac and providing “anything on demand” is their game.

What separates NicNac from other services you see around is the handy app they’ve come up with to make things easy for us. There’s no need for you to call hotlines for them to take down your orders when you can now do that with the touch of a few keys.

What is NicNac exactly?

Simply put NicNac is an app which you could use to run errands. It is currently available for iOS users and operates in the whole of Colombo area. They recently announced that they will be offering their delivery services till 1 AM. Geographically they will be expanding to major parts of the country and technologically they will be invading the Google Play Store soon.


The folks at Erbenlab would like to make it clear that NicNac is a customer happiness platform. In other words, NicNac is an app where you are able to receive a lot more than what you’re offered with traditional delivery services. All these services will be announced in due course.

Sounds good. But what does it do?

Well to see how things work we downloaded the app from the App Store. Once it’s done installing you come across a registration screen where you have to enter your details. After that, you come across the main menu screen where you can select what you want to order. You can select from laundry, groceries, fast food, electronics, medicine and license recovery.

Yes, you read it right. we did say license recovery. If your driver’s license is confiscated by the police, NicNac will collect it for you on your behalf. That is a really interesting service they offer which we do not expect to use. But in the event of unfortunate circumstances you do get your license confiscated by the police this will be an extremely useful service for you.

They currently charge Rs 150 for 1-3 items which weigh less than 1 KG. Rs 300 for 3-15 items which weigh in at less than 5 KG. Any amount of items above and weighing in less than 15 KG of weight will be Rs 600. Also, the prices mentioned above are doubled during rush hours.

Okay, so how does it work?

When you select which category, the item(s) you require fall under it is time for you to type them out. The delivery address can be set to the current location or you can manually type out where you want the order to come to. Same goes to delivery date & time where you can either select the default ASAP value or schedule it to a later date and time.

NicNac in action
NicNac in action

Once you’re done with setting up your order and filling in all the details, you can hit “Confirm Order” and then this green guy pops up in screen notifying of the order placement. You do have to wait for them to call you for them to confirm that you have placed an order. Once that is done the order status label at the bottom of the screen will then appear in green as “accepted”. Then all you have to do is sit back and relax letting NicNac do their thing.

Our NicNac order
Our NicNac order

We placed the order at around 7.45 pm and NicNac called me for confirmation 2 minutes later. We then received 2 calls from their rider, one to ask about specifics of the order we just placed and then the other to inquire about how to get to the delivery location. We like how they got everything we ordered. We were very happy to find out that the food we ordered was still hot and the yogurt drinks we ordered were still cold.

Good job right there. It took a bit of time for me to get the order but it’s not a surprise because the rider would have had to make more than one stop to get everything I asked for. We’ve attached a picture of the order we received and the items were in pretty good shape. They were handled very carefully.

Overall thoughts

NicNac is an app which solves a lot of problems most of us face. We were very happy to have used it and the service they offer is very professional. The app itself is very user-friendly and certain design elements make the experience even more satisfying. We like how the app makes everything fast and efficient. Especially when there’s no way for the order to go wrong this way.

You have total control on the order and are promptly updated with the status of the order. However, it would be great if they can implement a feature similar to a shopping cart where we can stack up multiple things from various categories to one single order. For example, if we wanted electronics and medicine in one single order, then we’d have to select one of those from the main menu and then enter everything in one order form. This is just an idea which we would like to throw at them to improve the status of the app.

They still have a long way to go in the business with their hopes in introducing an array of new and exciting services in the future. We also hope that they find more riders in the coming months. With a number of users, they keep piling up it’s evident that they will be able to make exciting improvements to make things better in the service industry here in Sri Lanka. They do have the concern to spread their services to other countries.

For now, we would certainly like to wish the folks at Erbenlab the very best to keep growing. You can download the app yourself from the Apple App Store by clicking on this link.



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