NicNac Gets Selected For Pioneers500


When you hear the words NicNac, you automatically think of Sachira Fernando and his team at Erbenlab. NicNac has fast become a rather staple part of the tech savvy citizens in Sri Lanka. Simply put NicNac is an app which you could use to run errands. It is currently available for iOS users and operates in the whole of Colombo area.

Sachira Fernando, the man behind NicNac (Image credits: Malshan Gunwaradane)

The team behind NicNac have been hard at work to make sure that the app delivers on all fronts (quite literally). From SeedStars Colombo to the John Keells X – Open Innovation Challenge and even taking part in the Mobile World Congress in 2017, Nic Nac has certainly made a name for themselves. Adding another laurel to their wreath, NicNac has also been selected to Pioneers500 to participate in the Pioneers festival, which is scheduled to be be held in Vienna, Austria.

What is the Pioneers500?

The Pioneers500 is a selection process that takes place on a yearly basis. Here, a total of 500 of the most promising early stage startups are selected. These startups would be the only early-stage startups participating in the acclaimed Pioneers Festival. The selection of these companies is based on the initial point that they have raised less than €3M, and also have been identified in cooperation with the community and a limited number of selected key players.

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From these 500 startups, a jury will nominate a total of 50 startups across 7 categories or ecosystems such as Financial Services, Business & Productivity, Materials & Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Mobility and Transportation and finally Life Sciences & Agriculture.

If selected to these 50 startups, NicNac would be the beneficiary of exclusive mentoring by Pioneers Ventures and get access to Mentors Day on May 31 and a 3 weeks online mentoring program provided by more than 80 founders, investors and industry experts from the Pioneer network.

They would then have to polish up their pitch then show off their skills to investors, executives and journalists on the 1st and 2nd of June 2017 at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna.From there, the top 8 teams would proceed to the finals where they would pitch their business to the entirety of the audience at the Pioneers Festival held on the 2nd of June. The winner at the finals would be crowned “Pioneer of the Year”.

We wish the team at NicNac all the best for the competition and may the odds be ever in their favor.


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