Nintendo Switch is Coming, but is it worth Switching?


Nintendo has unveiled its latest gaming console. The upcoming Nintendo Switch is the world’s first hybrid console. In other words, it lets you enjoy your games as a home console or as a handheld device. While the debut trailer and the presentations promise us great looking major titles in HD, is it really what WII should be expecting from this? Here’s what you should know before you decide to Switch or not.

Nintendo Switch
The upcoming Nintendo Switch (Image credits: Forbes)

What is the Nintendo Switch?

As said, Nintendo Switch is the first console of its kind. It seamlessly switches from a home console to a handheld without having to stop the game. Simply said, now you can roam around in Skyrim on the big screen at home. If your wife or your girlfriend drags you off shopping, you can still explore the dungeons with the Switch in your hands.

Think of the Nintendo Switch like a hybrid laptop. You can easily take it around as a tablet. Otherwise, you can dock it with a detachable docking station that connects to your TV. That’s Nintendo’s new console in a nutshell. What’s special is how the controllers known as Joy-Cons are making a big difference to the way we game. If you have experienced a Nintendo WII, imagine having a flat WII Remote and Nunchuck that has motion controls in your hands.

The Nintendo Switch in handheld mode (Image credits: Polygon)
The Nintendo Switch in handheld mode (Image credits: Polygon)

They can also be attached from the sides to the Switch console (detached from the dock). In doing so, this makes the Switch a handheld console with a 6.2-inch’ display. While the console is docked, the Joy-Cons can be used freely on both hands or can be attached to the Joy-Con Grip. This would give you a controller that feels similar to typical gamepads.

What’s more interesting is how the two Joy-Cons can be used as two separate controllers. This means you can offer a controller to a person you just met. You can then challenge them to a 1v1 while in handheld mode no matter where you are. But a single Switch console also supports up to 8 Joy-Cons. The right number needed to throw a perfect LAN party.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers (Image credits: Nintendo World Report)
The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers (Image credits: Nintendo World Report)

In terms of living up to the graphics race, Nintendo is lagging behind the competition once again. The Switch only supports up to 1080p when docked and 720p when detached. Of course, this isn’t anything new. Over the years, Nintendo has always prioritized fun over graphics. And that’s why we see accessories such as a steering wheel for the Joy-Cons instead of high-end graphics.

What Can You Play?

Nintendo has always been very reserved for their own market. The WII U didn’t exactly live up to bringing in big titles like Zelda as they promised. Nonetheless, they’ve already announced some major Nintendo games for Switch.

If you have an interest for Switch, you are most likely to be a big fan of Mario, Zelda, or their rival Sonic. Good news, you are definitely getting them all. Nintendo’s recent presentation already debuted a selection of launch titles. These titles include Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Sonic Mania to be released along with the launch.

Following those, it is almost sure that there will be other most anticipated titles like Project Sonic 2017 and another big Mario game to be released this year too. However, that’s also the somewhat not so good news. These are probably what-and-all you can expect from the future of Switch as well.

While Nintendo proudly showed Skyrim Remastered Edition on the debut trailer of Nintendo Switch, these are some points to be taken into consideration. The handheld device is and always limited to a 720p out display. Meaning, the graphical capabilities of modern games (if they are ported) will immediately be taken away.

Even when docked, you are not expected to see anything better than a 1080p output even though it’s 2017. Because of the switchable ability, it is very unlikely to expect a majority of major games to be released for Switch. This is because it could present a significant challenge for the developers to have the game run while in handheld mode. This leads down to the question of what audience you would place yourself.

Should you Switch?

The Nintendo Switch will be hitting the market in March this year at $299. However, once it’s likely to be significantly higher once it hits Sri Lankan shores.  That’s also not counting the price of accessories like the Joy-Con’s. Many of them already have prices, which are considered high even in Western countries.

Needless to say, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t look like it’s going to be cheap. At best, we can expect it to cost about the same as a PS4 or Xbox One. And that’s a problem. Undoubtedly, the Nintendo Switch brings a unique proposition to the table. But while it’s unique, it doesn’t beat the offerings of existing gaming platforms. The Switch doesn’t bring a large collection of launch titles nor does it offer mind blowing graphics.

But for those of you who had a great childhood with Nintendo, then this might be something for you. If you want to relive those memories, the console promises to deliver that. And that’s while bringing in a whole new concept of gaming to your hands. It’s fun, it’s about connecting, and it will have its side of playing hardcore at times too.

All in all, Nintendo once again designed a device to match their specific audience well. If you are in that audience, this is most likely the next major Nintendo console U were waiting for. The only question that remains is: what will Nintendo do to attract those that aren’t a part of this audience? That’s a question only time will tell. For more information about the Nintendo Switch, check out its official page here.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch? Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below.


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