The Nokia X2 – Microsoft’s First Android Phone


Nokia’s been making the headlines quite often. Microsoft buying Nokia, the release of an Android device, the follow-up – with the even larger Nokia XL – and today, another bit of buzz: the Nokia X2 has been officially announced! Just when we thought Microsoft was done with the awkward Droid.

We are looking at a phone of 121.7 x 68.3 x 11.1mm, with a weight of 150 grams. Wondering whether this is another Nokia X with a wider screen? Well, it is. There’s a 4.3” ClearBlack display with 400×800 resolution – very slightly larger than the old one at the same resolution.

It’s not what we expected.

On the technical side, we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset with a 1.2GHz dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU and 1GB of RAM.  The battery has been upgraded by 300mAh more than X, giving a total 1,800mAh capacity in X2.

There’s also a new home button placed next to the old solo-back button on the middle, making it easier to get used to for those of us who expect a home button on a phone. Another upgrade is the camera. From the 3.15 MP camera of X, the X2 packs an upgraded 5 MP camera autofocus camera with LED flash, which is identical to that of XL, along with a front-facing camera..

As for memory, the same 4GB as X has been awarded with up to 32GB expansions allowed. Besides that, almost everything Nokia thre into the X has been moved to X2. Connectivity offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and dual-SIM slots for your .. uh, two SIMs.

It’s basically a retooled X: slightly bigger, slightly better. The Nokia X2 also brings the X’s custom android launcher, along with a new feature called Fastlane feature. Fastlane is basically a handy quick-touch feature that you can customize. There’s also a complimentary subscription of HERE maps’ voice-guided navigation system (which we have great faith in: it once managed to take us from Colombo to Kandy without getting us lost). We expect the price to sit at around Rs 20,000.

According to Sascha Segan at PC World, the X2 was a project sent to the queue before the Microsoft acquisition – and Microsoft isn’t very happy with “Nokia’s Android adventure”, either. The X2, taken on its own, looks like a good piece of hardware. However, the standard downsides apply – no Google Play ecosystem, which moots the point of having an Android device in the first place. Plus, the much more capable Lumia 525 is available for around the same price. And you never know when MS will pull the plug on this series. Next!


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