Nominations And Applications For e-Swabhimani 2015 Are Now Open


The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka or rather simply referred to as ICTA recognizes the fact that the disparities in accessing information communication technologies that exist in our society today. These disparities stem not only from inadequate infrastructure but also from the lack of content. The design and development of good quality content and applications require creative imagination, engineering know-how as well as financial resources. A great example of such a project would be the famous iHelmet by Ganindu Nanayakkara. What started out as a project to build a next-gen helmet for the military is now a famous invention that might save lives of motorists everywhere. This is the type of projects ICTA helps reach the next level with their support.

Winner of e-Swabhimani 2014 (Photo credits: Malshan Gunawardane)
From the archives: e-Swabhimani 2014 (Photo credits: Malshan Gunawardane)

Through the e-Society Programme, ICTA has initiated a large number of projects some of which have been recognized through international awards. All these projects have addressed the needs of disadvantaged communities and have strived to create content and applications that would impact on the everyday lives of people.  In order to maintain this heightened interest on content development, as well as to create awareness amongst the general public, the ICTA has initiated the e-Swabhimani-National Best Content Award.

The e-Swabhimani programme is an initiative of ICTA aimed at recognizing excellence in digital content creation. It is expected that this national award would stimulate a greater interest in the development of a wide range of content and services that would serve the needs of society. Launched in 2009, the programme has attracted over 200 submissions.

The e-Swabhimani Award process is being conducted along the lines of the World Summit Award and has input from the Digital Empowerment Foundation of India as the Knowledge Partner to ensure that the jury process conforms to international standards. The award is a stepping stone to other regional and international awards with all shortlisted submissions being nominated to the Manthan Award South Asia.

The programme launched for the year 2015 with submissions in October and the deadline for Applications has been set to the 29th of February, 2016. The Grand jury is expected to take place in mid-February of 2016 concluding with the Gala event towards mid-March in 2016.

To learn more about the award categories for the e-Swabhimani Award process, click here. Rules and Regulations can be viewed hereFor nominations and applications, click here. The deadline for submissions is the 29th of February so apply fast! 

We saw some really cool ideas at the 2014 e-Swabhimani awards and we hope to see even better ones this.Good luck to all participating and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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