OnePlus Launches the OnePlus Three


Well. It’s that time of the year again. No it’s not Christmas, although, for some, it may be. What am I talking about? Well it’s the OnePlus Three.

Following the hugely successful and popular smartphones the OnePlus One and OnePlus Two, the OnePlus Three was launched yesterday (15th).

So what’s new with the OnePlus Three?

The whole concept of the OnePlus lineup of phones was to deliver a smartphone that has decent specs and won’t cost an arm and a leg. They took this concept to a whole new level back in 2014 when they launched what they called the “Flagship killer”, the OnePlus One. Then, in 2015, came the OnePlus Two and now in 2016, it’s the third iteration of their flagship mobile device.

In terms of specifications, the OnePlus Three sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor backed up by a rather whopping 6GB of DDR4 RAM. This obviously means that multitasking on this is a no-brainer and you can pretty much run any Android app (or even multiple apps) without experiencing a delay or lag.

You also get a 5.5” Full HD display protected by Gorilla Glass 4 meaning that everyday bumps and fingernail scratches won’t be an issue.

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Did we mention that the OnePlus Three has an all-aluminum unibody design? This makes the whole package look a lot more premium and attractive. However, if you’re not into the metal look of the device, simply swap out the cover for one of the snap-on covers made of wood, bamboo and other materials by One Plus.

For all your mobile photography needs, the OnePlus Three boasts a 16MP f/2.0 camera with phase detection autofocus, OIS, and an LED flash (which can also work as a flashlight). As for video, you have a choice of [email protected] and [email protected], the latter being a favorite among those who are a fan of slow-mo videos. Storage wise, you get 64GB of internal storage, but sadly, there’s no room for a memory card. Tsk Tsk.

What good is a phone without a decent battery life, right? To that extent, the OnePlus Three comes with a 3000mAh non-removable battery. But that’s not the interesting part. Using the companies’ trademarked Dash Charging technology, the battery go from 0 to 65 percent in about 30 minutes and a full charge takes around 1 hour 15 minutes. The other point here is that thanks to the new Dash Charging technology, the phone and the battery remain cool meaning you can actually use the phone even for gaming while charging and not worry about burning your fingers off.

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The OnePlus Three ships with the companies own OxygenOS interface skinned atop of Google Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (with the possibility to upgrade to Android N later). This also means that you get a pretty vanilla Android experience with little to no pre-installed. For everything else, there’s always the Google Play Store.

With Oxygen OS comes OnePlus’ signature Shelf feature. This is an extra homepage that gives you access to your recent apps, favorite contacts and any other widgets that you wish to add.  However, if you’re not a fan of it, you can always disable it.

Similar to how CyanogenOS worked (before they severed ties with OnePlus), there’s abundant room for you to customize the interface. LED notification lights, support for custom icons, on-screen controls, gestures such as double tap to wake are all baked into Oxygen OS. It also has the Night Mode feature that essentially tints the display to reduce eye strain when you look at the screen in the dark.

Last but not least, the OnePlus Three will see the return of NFS for services such as Android Pay and also as a method of data transmission between two NFC enabled devices.

How much will the OnePlus Three cost?

Well, the OnePlus Three will be launching at a price of $400, making it pretty much the best budget Android phone you can buy that also features a premium look and feel, and also has the performance it needs to go head-to-head with any high-end handset on the market such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. Another point to note is that OnePlus has done away with the invite system previously used for the OnePlus One. Thus, anyone can purchase the OnePlus Three when it is available in stores. Speaking of which, there is yet no date of availability. Users could, for a short period of time purchase the device through the company’s website but that feature no longer exists.

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