Online safety awareness for children by Sri Lanka CERT|CC at Asia-Pacific Scout Jamboree


The 29th Asia-Pacific Scout Jamboree took place at the D. S. Senanayaka Maha Vidyalaya in Kandalama,  Dambulla  from the 01st April to the 6th . The Asia-Pacific Scout Jamboree is a major Scouting event focused at giving additional opportunities to young people between the ages of 12 and 17.

Sri Lanka CERT|CC volunteered to take part in the jamboree activities by conducting daily seminars with the theme “How to be safe in a connected world”. The awareness seminars were presented to the young crowd on avoiding threats that they face on a daily basis when going online. These included few practical examples, such as,  like real life case study of  a Facebook incident, Internet scams , how to identify a secure web site, pit falls of using pirated software etc. There was great enthusiasm among the scouts to participate for this event as there were gifts for those who came up with correct answers at the end of each presentation.

Further the participants were informed of the importance of basic tips for personal security in cyber space. How one can get in to trouble if he/she is not careful when submitting their personal information like birthday, address, phone number in to social networking web sites. Also the participants were informed never to provide sensitive information like user name, password and credit card information on a non-secure page. Those who seek further details can visit the knowledgebase of their website

Article By:

Kanishka Yapa
Information Security Engineer
Sri Lanka CERT|CC



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