Up Next: Open Source Forum


Thank-You_5-X-2_finalOpen Source is back in force. We hear that Global Events & Convention Services, together with it consultancy firm FOSSMART (Pvt) Ltd, is working the first enterprise forum on open source to take place in Sri Lanka. “Open Source Forum Sri Lanka 2014” is set to bring together 150 corporate leaders from the local business and government sectors to discuss trends in the open-source sphere (given the crowd, we really don’t think they’ll be talking about Tux Racer) and about the possibilities of adapting enterprise-ready open source solutions into their environments.

 There’s quite a few topics on the burner. Big Data, Cloud computing, content management systems (hello, WordPress) and business intelligence are topics that we expect to see spoken about much during the event. Mickey Bharat of Oracle fame will be the man behind the keynote address, speaking on the journey from data centres to the cloud and on the close vs open source debate.


We can also expect to see Vivek Gupta of Amazon and Amit Jain from Oracle take their places alongside Reshan Dewapura of ICTA and Madu Ratnayake of Virtusa to deliver some critical lessons on cloud computing, the democratization of IT, Linux for enterprise purposes and quite a bit more besides. There’s also a panel discussion to look forward to – hopefully we can pick a few minds from the government IT sector on what they need from open source.

Open Source Forum Sri Lanka 2014 will be held at 4 pm on the 4th March, 2014 at the Galadari Hotel.  Participation is by invitation only,  but don’t worry – if you’re interested, we’ve got you covered. 


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