OpenArc to go Public Using Their Own Software!


Come end 2014, OpenArc would not only be the first Lankan software company to be part of a diversified group but would also be (perhaps) one of the first companies to use their own software to launch their IPO.

We’ve written about OpenArc before here and here but in case you decided to not click the links, they are a systems management company established in 1991. They dabble in software solutions, education and will be looking into real estate, green energy solutions, industrial automation and tourism, if you are already not convinced as to why you should not be investing in these guys. Since we are IT bias, here is why we think this is a worthy Christmas investment: their software solutions include banking, finance, security trading, ERP and on the education front, they run their own IT school that trains software engineers (whom they employ as well!).

openarc 2
OpenArc’s most recent win: automating Softlogic Finance with SkyBank

The IPO would result in ‘OpenArc Holdings’, which would ‘hold’ subsidiary companies in Education, Software, Leisure, Real Estate and Engineering. As for the IPO, the company would be using OpenArc UniSETS. Or in other words, an internet based, unified software platform for Stock Markets and UniIPO / IPO management software developed by the company. The software would launch (for other companies wanting to go public online!) this Wednesday March 19, 2014.

An IPO of many firsts, other cool things that include in the December package would also be the country’s first mobile and internet payment platform – SkyPay. An integral component of SkyBank core banking solution, it is also linked to a SMS engine SkyMessenger that generates text message alerts within SkyBank. For more details on OpenArc’s products and services, do visit their website.


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