Orion City Shines Brighter Than Ever


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Once upon a time, it was just another factory. Today, it’s the biggest hive of innovation and entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka. Across it’s sprawling 16 acres, you’ll find the heavy weight juggernauts of the IT industry to it’s young fledging start-ups. All of them solving problems and delivering world class solutions in Sri Lanka. This is a place called Orion City.

Launched in 2009, the goal of Orion City was to provide the office spaces needed by businesses that met international standards. Four years later, one can say that Orion City has successfully accomplished this goal. For proof one only needs to glance at the list of tenants and they shall see names like: Virtusa, Pearson, WNS and Sri Lankan Airlines.

With all these companies together, Orion City has 6000 people working across a space of 550,000 square feet. Now what happens when you inject $70 million into this equation? Well, things are only going to get bigger and a lot better.

Apart from being Sri Lanka’s first IT Park, Orion City has now decided to test the water in a new type of development.

Recently, Orion Development, the owners of Orion City made a rather exciting announcement; work on the next stage of Orion City had begun. What is this next stage you ask? They call it Orion Towers. A 3 million square foot mini­city.

Image taken from http://www.lankabusinessonline.com
Image taken from http://www.lankabusinessonline.com

This mini-city is by far the most ambitious undertaking under the greater developmental master plan of the Orion City IT Park. Envisioning a one-stop hub for innovation and collaboration in a space custom designed for business and personal needs, those privileged to be located at Orion Towers will gain access to gymnasiums, retail malls, dining options, and hospitality services. Fancy a bit of shopping and also some healthy living? A boutique hotel and green eco-decks will also occupy the approximately 350,000 square feet of rentable area in the 22-floor building.

Located on Baseline Road, Colombo 09, Orion Towers is almost a hop, a skip and a jump (well maybe several of those) to the busy metropolitan of the country’s commercial capital. Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, the Orion Towers reflect Orion’s belt, with three towers at an awe-inspiring height of 110 meters above the Colombo skyline, redefining the norms for IT infrastructure in Sri Lanka.

CEO of Orion Development Jeevan Gnanam explained how the company’s vision for Orion Towers is very future-forward. With the constant strive to be the go-to provider of infrastructure for commercial purposes, the company has indeed met with success because they believe in pushing the boundaries to ensure that their services are the best in the industry.

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Orion City was recently awarded a LEED Silver certification, with recognition for best in class building practices and strategies. The company will target a LEED Gold certification with Orion Towers, with its first phase slated for completion in 2017.


  1. Actually I disagree with the previous comment cause it’s cheaper and more accessible than the options like Regus/World Trade/HNB/Trace. The service charge is also less!!

  2. One of the worst places in the country. Made in a shitty location.Many ppl hate to.work at orion as its so far from city and for the area way too expensive for renting

      • @Selvadurai What madness? the place is just shit, in a wired location, overpriced. I inquired the prices when Hariharan was as the BDM, per desk was at 15,000! +++ with hidden costs.

        • @Pathum I’m renting at approx 13,000 LKR guess you don’t know how to negotiate? Or your talking nonsense? No hidden costs. Found it much cheaper than Regus BTW!

          • @Selvadurai You might be a good negotiator but that dosen’t matter here, or maybe you bribed Hari. Ask the Orian Management to give the costings / comparison here! I say it’s expensive for the location compared for the Regus WTC office and it’s location, and HNB!! Orian is in a corner. I don’t say it’s a nad place. Just that it’s got a awful marketing team, BDM, and a paid bunch of idiotic digital guys. look at the positive comments.! Sir, Jeewan you’ve build an amazing product, usuful for the country and Asia. but please do fire ALL of your staff and hire a bunch of talented ones.

  3. I am an employee at one of the Companies based there, and love the environment. The Park is maintained immaculately and professionally. As for the location, we should be grateful for it’s proximity to the city center. Most IT Parks (globally) are way out in the sticks!

    • What are the other IT parks you talk about? Trace? That’s more towards the city and much accessible. Hambantotha? That’s a dead project.

  4. Orian is the worst place, cemented place with just buildings. Trace on the other hand is brillient! Orian is too far and the traffic is just mad!

    • There is 2-3 km difference from Orion to Trace, Trace atm looks nice but not sustainable as it was former UDA chairmans(G.Rajapaksa) pet project that misused state funds and lands. With the government changing I think they will use the land better, which will probably mean going up and become cemented I guess.

  5. Feels like a corporate city inside with ample parking. What’s great is that there are plenty of facilities for staff inside including food-court, gym, pharmacy, salon, banks etc.

  6. Not sure what all the negativity is about…. All the big boys are based there, and obviously for a good reason! I don’t think they would accept a substandard and badly managed Park. I have only heard good things about the place.

  7. Trace has no facilities….. Orion has a food court, banks, pharmacy, gymnasium and I believe has a whole host of other facilities that are going to be up and running by the end of this year. They are always looking at improving the customer experience. I am a staff working there and have no issues with the Park.

  8. Amazing work! This is great initiative by Orion City! Working there, I’m truly grateful for an IT Park that has all the facilities of a city! From food outlets, to gyms and even salons. Keep up the great work! The future of digital in Sri Lanka is looking good! Two thumbs up!

  9. This is exceptionally good news, quite proud of what you guys have achieved so far, especially considering it is from our nation. Orion City should consider continuing their efforts in such ways and making new and innovative spaces for the future generations to come

  10. I’m living in wattala. My previous office in Bambalapitiya. Much closer to me and inside is much better than normal buldings. Really superb.

  11. Keep shining bright, Mr Jeevan! This is brilliant news! Orion City wins Best IT Park! None of the competitors can come close! The facilities offered are way above the rest! I’m so proud to work here!

  12. Orian build the first IT park concept in Sri Lanka and the rest followed. Glad to see a futuristic mixed development IT park concept at Orian. Dematagoda might be far for the moment etc but with the new development things could change, he after all it’s for the IT industry so lets welcome it and not compare with Trace etc. Both have strength and weakness.

  13. I think the problem here is Orion is not for small / medium and startups. It’s for large scare 500+ employees. That’s why we see giants like Virtusa etc based there. I don’t see a gym and active laundry facility all there like the comments above. There’s a pharmacy, an almost dead food court, a bank. Orian is for large scale developed companies.

    For startups with all the facility the place would be Regus Sri Lanka.


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