ParaQum Technologies: How Real Time Network Analytics Can Help You


Internet. About 15 years ago, it might have been just another useful tool or resource. But today, the internet has become a crucial part of our lives. Even this very moment, you’re probably reading this article on your computer or mobile. As such, it is also important that internet is utilized properly, particularly from an organization perspective, where monitoring and controlling the available internet resources plays a vital role in daily operations. One local company believes they’ve got the perfect tools in this regard. Say hello to ParaQum Technologies’ latest network analytics products, the ParaQum Network Analyzer and the ParaQum Traffic Shaper. These were recently unveiled at a Product Launch event, held at the Trace Expert City premises. Here’s what you need to know.

ParaQum Technologies
Dr. Ajith Pasqual, Founder of ParaQum Technologies

ParaQum Technologies: Who Are They?

The company itself was born in 2013 as part of an initiative by the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, at University of Moratuwa. Introducing ParaQum at the event, Founder Dr. Ajith Pasqual also mentioned how the company started with just 4 engineers.Today, they solely focuses on niche areas in the technology world, such as Video Compression (HEVC) and Real-Time Network Analytics.

 So why Network Analytics? Imagine the following simple scenarios.

  • Accessing a web page
  • Accessing a cloud service
  • Video conferencing
  • Sending an email with a large attachment or downloading email to your client

In all the above situations, what happens when the system becomes slow? Or a better question, why is it slow? Of course it could be many reasons, but the answer would often come down to the fact that we need tools to analyse these problems in real time.

ParaQum Network Analyzer

The ParaQum Network Analyzer is a tool used to inspect, analyze and troubleshoot the relevant network at millisecond level sensitivity. The device also provides application based analysis. The demo showed an analysis of The University of Moratuwa’s network. The data revealed YouTube and Facebook to be the top 2 applications using the most of its bandwidth. The case maybe true for most of us. So what else does the Network Analyzer offer? Here are some.

  • This helps in identifying the applications that congest the network
  • Helps identify the person who consumes the most bandwidth
  • Includes Deep Packet Inspection
  • Shows Uplink and Downlink of each specific user
  • Destination IP based analysis
  • Session based analysis
  • Analysis on historical data

There are 4 available variants of the Network Analyzer, The 10Gbps version,1Gbps version, ParaQum Virtual Network Analyzer and the ParaQum Mini Network Analyzer.

ParaQum Technologies - Network Analyzer demo
The ParaQum demoing the ParaQum Network Analyzer

ParaQum Traffic Shaper

What is the ParaQum Traffic Shaper exactly? Simply put, it’s an application aware bandwidth control system. Usually, a user PC is connected to a switch and router. The Traffic Shaper is placed in between the switch and router. A management interface is then connected to the traffic shaper. This management interface allows an administrator to see which applications are exactly eating up bandwidth along with what devices as well. During the demo, a color coded graph in the admin console showed us how the internet usage of different applications is displayed.

ParaQum Technologies - ParaQum Traffic Shaper
A glimpse of what the Traffic Shaper looks like (Image Credits:

Similarly, on the management interface, rules can be set for different applications to control their usage on the network. For example, these rules can limit speed at certain times such as YouTube to 1Mbps during lunch and Facebook at 512kbps throughout the day. Additionally, the Traffic Shaper also offers,

  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Prioritize critical applications over others
  • User level control
  • Schedule file transfers, backups, etc.
  • Quota based bandwidth control

For a more detailed list of specifications of the above devices, click here.

ParaQum Technologies - Traffic Shaper
Questions from the audience

What’s Next For ParaQum?

So there you have it, ParaQum’s latest Network Analytics products, the ParaQum Network Analyzer and the ParaQum Traffic Shaper. So what’s next for the Dr. Pasqual and his team? Well, chances are these products are only a couple of many more to come in the future. Among these, is what they call a Core Network Analyzer. This device sniffs 3GP interfaces to analyze the interfaces and collect the data related to subscribers in mobile networks. This is capable of 3G and 4G network analysis. According to Dr. Pasqual a few more tests need to be conducted before releasing the product.

All in all, we wish Dr. Ajith Pasqual and the team best of luck in their quest to push the boundaries of the electronics industry in Sri Lanka.


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