Participation of women in computing to be boosted in Sri Lanka



Sri Lankan Women in Computing Chapter kick starts with positive intentions!

The inaugural Sri Lankan Women in Computing Chapter, an initiative taken to encourage Sri Lankan women move into the computing field, was held on 19 February at the Professional Associations of Sri Lanka Auditorium, with an interested audience of 30.

This approach has been taken by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka, headed by Dr. Vishaka Nanayakkara to inspire females to choose computing as a profession and to instigate the female professionals to fulfill their dreams.  

Dr. Vishaka Nanayakkara and Dr.Shahani Markus Weerawarana delivered speeches on various, including their own success stories and motivational vocalizations. They also emphasized on the numerous factors to be encountered in the industry and how women can instrument different methods to overcome them.

At the event, Computer Society of Sri Lanka opined, “By establishing this chapter we hope to initiate a dynamic support network for female Sri Lankan IT professionals worldwide, by providing a platform that resonates with Sri Lankan culture within the fast paced world of computing. We aim to celebrate the hard work and achievements of ‘Sri Lankan Women in Computing’ while seeking ways to overcome the unique challenges we face with true Sri Lankan female spirit.” Many thoughts were stretched and spoken about on encouraging majority of Sri Lankan women to take part in the computer industry and motivating entrepreneurship.

The event wrapped up with socializing and refreshments!

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