You can now pay for your fuel with FriMi


By now you probably know what FriMi is. Its iconic orange logo plastered across Colombo and ads on Facebook. But in case you’re lost, FriMi describes themselves as a digital bank. To that end, they offer a bank account with up to 7% interest. Alongside this, it also has a digital wallet, which you can pay for stuff and many other awesome features.

From its inception, FriMi has signed up countless businesses. And its partnered with these businesses to offer attractive offers to its users. For the most part, many of these businesses were retailers like Keells and Arpico or a handful of services like PickMe. But recently, the app has ventured into a new area and introduced it to digital payments with QR codes.

You can now pay for your fuel with FriMi 4
What Frimi offers in a snapshot (Image credits: FriMI)

That new area is fuel stations, where FriMi has introduced payments via QR codes for the first time. So how exactly does it work? It all starts after your tank has been filled up. Once that’s done, the fuel station attendant can show you the l POS machine with a QR code. You then enter the amount you have to pay into your FriMi app and scan the QR code. That’s option one.

Option two is where the fuel station attendant may ask for your mobile number. The attendant would then initiate the transaction from his POS terminal. Once he does, you would get a notification on the FriMi app. If everything looks good, then you can approve the transaction and drive off with a full tank in your car. Additionally, you can also do this process remotely. That means you can give your car to a friend to fill up your tank, they can give your number to the fuel attendant, and then you can approve it remotely.

The currently running FriMi promotion on fuel

Naturally, to mark its entry into the fuel industry, FriMi is currently running a promotion here. This promotion is happening at Laugfs petrol stations. At any of these fuel stations across the country, you can get a 5% cashback on the first Rs. 10,000 on your total bill when you pay using FriMi. This cashback promotion will be available until the 28th of February 2019. Hopefully we’ll see it regularly.

Interestingly, this is the first time that payments via QR codes have been made available at fuel stations. A positive sign for digital payments.  And if you’re interested in exploring the app to pay for your fuel by scanning a QR code, then click here.


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