Goodbye Filling Out Online Forms: Hello Pay with Google


Buying products online has never been easier. Just go to the site you want, pick what you want to buy, add it to a virtual shopping cart (as you would do at a brick and mortar store) and then proceed to check out. Up to this point, everything is easy. Checking out where things get a tad hassling, especially if you’re in a hurry. You have to find you r credit card details, type it in carefully, and fill out the other details such as your name and shipping address etc. But what if there was a way to make the entire process that much easier? Well, that’s where Pay with Google comes to the rescue.

It’s like logging in with Google

If you surf the web a lot, you’ve probably seen a button that says “Log in with Google”. This feature essentially allows you to login to a particular website using the credentials of your Google account. This means you spend less time entering new credentials. Pay with Google offers similar functionality, only this handles payment information.

Pay with Google

How does Pay with Google work?

Now this is not Android Pay or even Android Wallet, those are two completely different platforms for payment. What Pay with Google does is, it replaces the credit card form which you usually fill when checking out items. So rather than typing all those details like your card number and a whole other bunch of details, all you need to do is simply press a button, in this case “Pay with Google”.  From there, just pick your preferred credit card and then confirm and verify the transaction with a security code or your Android device. You won’t even have to add your shipping details. Google will do that for you, so that’s less time filling out that form as well.

Pay with GooglePay with Google will incorporate credit/debit cards along with your shipping address when setting up Google products such as Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, and Android Pay. Pay with Google works on both web as well as Android apps, but developers will have to add it to their properties before you can use it. According to Google, the process is quite simple but even still, the list of compatible merchants is a tad short.

Granted, there seem to be no merchants available for Sri Lanka, but that may all change in the not too distant future. At least for now, it seems that


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