PayHere and Sampath Bank Boost Online Payments


Payment gateways and payment platforms are certainly a hot topic these days. We’ve heard of terms such as the National Payment Platform, to companies offering payment gateways to everything in between. One such platform is PayHere.

What is PayHere?

Since their inception in 2016, the company has been trying to implement a proper online payment system that is convenient and affordable as well. PayHere offers local merchants to accept online payments by several methods such as Credit and Debit Cards, Mobile Wallets, and Internet Banking payments.

Dhanika Perera, founder/CEO of PayHere

The road so far

We initially saw the company exhibiting at Disrupt Asia 2016 as part of the startup exhibition and at Voltage 230 as well. Despite their fair share of obstacles and hurdles, the team lead by Dhanika Perera has been diligently at work and their luck just got better.

PayHere at Disrupt Asia 2016

Onto greater heights

PayHere recently announced a partnership with Sampath Bank to facilitate online payments in Sri Lanka. Merchants who are interested in implementing the company’s platform to their own business can sign up with this solution, rather than dealing with multiple parties and platforms.

The partnership also ensures that all transactions would be backed by bank-level security, regulatory compliance and instant payouts for all online payments. In addition, the payment would be made directly to the merchant’s local bank account.

The partnership between PayHere and Sampath Bank
Image Credits: Facebook

Commenting on the partnership, Rajendra Ranasinghe, AGM IT Business Development, Sampath Bank explained that FinTech companies are vital to boost the e-commerce economy in Sri Lanka. The collaboration between PayHere and Sampath bank would help the latter reach more niche markets with the overall result of helping the economic growth of Sri Lanka and also help foster a more digital economy.

Dhanika Perera, Founder, and CEO of PayHere also expressed his belief that economic problems within the country can be with the aid of digital innovations & strategic collaborations. The ultimate goal of the company is to develop a completely local FinTech solution.

This, in turn, would enable the Sri Lankan e-commerce Industry to improve its infrastructure. With this new partnership in place, PayHere’s next plan is to speed up their operations and provide payment solutions for those who need them as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for more details on PayHere, you can click here.


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