PHP developers Sri Lanka: November meetup


November 13, 2012: we make our way through Coco Verendah, Colombo, into a room at the far corner. Inside are a semi-circle of people, listening closely to Sampath Munasinghe’s discussion of the Backbone.js framework.

We sidle in and take our seats!

This is the PHP meetup Colombo, an informal gathering of developers sponsored by Webgurus International where fellow developers come to share, talk code, bounce ideas off each other and socialize with other coders. There are no limitations – if you have something to share, you’re pretty much welcome to do so. This time Sampath took the stage, starting off with explanations of models and collection in Javascript, focusing on their usage in practical code. He demo’d a “todo” list built using jquery and jscript, discussing it’s development speed advantage before taking apart and discussing the internal workings of his demo.

After that it was refreshments for everybody, with the conversation eventually evolving to the possibilities of the Sri Lankan techscape. To find out when the next meetup will be held, drop by at


  1. Hey Enosh,

    You were late and you missed our first event yesterday. we played a game. Great start. Thanks for coming to cover our event and all the best.


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