Pick My Load by DIMO wants to help move your load


You could be moving houses or you could be simply delivering your products to your customer. In both cases, the universal truth is that moving goods is hard. While we’ve simplified the process of moving ourselves from Point A to Point B, the same cannot be said for cargo. One company that wants to change this in Sri Lanka is Pick My Load by DIMO, which is the brainchild of Vijitha Bandara – Executive Director of DIMO.

The challenges of moving things

Nilushi Thenuwara, Deputy General Manager – Business Development at DIMO said, “One of the key pain points for customers was that when they wanted to look for trucks they didn’t know whom to call.”

Pick My Load by DIMO wants to help move your load 5

Today, with a few taps on a smartphone you can get a tuk, nano, or car and go anywhere. However, when you need to move a bunch of things this isn’t the same. In such instances, you likely need a truck, but getting one isn’t so simple.

“Traditionally you might get a truck from a mover or hire a parked truck on the side of the road. Even after you get a truck you might spend 10 to 20 minutes giving directions,” said Nilushi. Having identified this issue and already being in touch with truck drivers, DIMO decided to step in and solve the problem. Pick My Load was the solution.

How does Pick My Load work?

Currently, Pick My Load has a fleet of approximately 2000 certified drivers. The vehicles of this fleet range from simple motorbikes to large lorries. To utilize this fleet to move your goods, you simply setup the Pick My Load app via either Android or iOS, complete the registration, and then it is a simple set of choices much like ordering a taxi.

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Using the Pick My Load App

You select the type of vehicle you want and set your location. Afterward, the app would connect you with a nearby driver who will deliver your products. Prior to this, you can also share a picture of the goods to be moved with the driver. With this information, the drivers can be prepared to move any items you need and if they can’t then they can inform you quickly.

The cost of getting your delivery done depends on the type of vehicle, the distance traveled, and the duration of the trip. Pick My Load, doesn’t charge you for the weight or volume of your items at present.

Pick My Load also has a dedicated support center. Here well trained customer service representatives are in constant communication with drivers and customers . Alternatively, if you do not have a smartphone this also offers an option for you to get a mover by calling the hotline.

Six months after launch

Pick My Load was officially launched in June 2018. In that time, they have carried out over 600 trips for both corporates and individuals. But that’s not to say that Pick My Load hasn’t had its fair share of challenges. One such challenge was regarding helping drivers utilize the app.

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Since its launch, Pick My Load has carried out 600 trips

Nilushi shared that many of the truck drivers that joined hadn’t ever used a smartphone. “We have a lot of instances where they didn’t have smartphones so we provide them with one,” said Nilushi. Afterward, Pick My Load trains their drivers on how to use the app.

But the challenges don’t end once the drivers come online. Nilushi also shared that Pick My Load focuses on providing great service to its customers. For Pick My Load, one of the key pillars of providing a great service is communication.

That’s not the only pillar, Nilushi went on to state that good service comes from making the entire process of last mile delivery simple and straightforward from coordination to tracking to processing.

Where Pick My Load will be going next?

Currently, Pick My Load is looking at expanding its offerings for the corporate sector. Thus, it will be launching a corporate portal in the coming months. “We learned that corporate customers have their own fleets as well,” shared Nilushi. Thus, the Pick My Load corporate portal would allow businesses to manage their existing fleets more efficiently.

Ultimately. Pick My Load aims to be the ‘one-tap’ solution for your delivery needs. With the app,  DIMO aims to leverage its long standing partnerships with drivers and redefine goods delivery. So if you have anything you need to move then you can download either the Android or the iOS app to get started with Pick My Load or visit their website at www.pickmyload.lk.



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