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Ever since PickMe launched in Sri Lanka, riding in a taxi has never been the same. We covered the story of PickMe a while back and since then, the company has taken measures to improve their performance and keep customers happy.

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But there was one downside to PickMe’s service; payments could only be made by cash. This is a tad hassling for people like me who carry very little cash in their wallet and prefer to carry out transactions by card. For me, taking a PickMe would mean that I would first have to stop at the nearest ATM, calculate approximately how much the ride would cost and then withdraw cash accordingly. If I was in a hurry to go for a meeting or some other important function, that would be even more of a hassle.

PickMe Meet HNB, HNB Meet PickMe

Yesterday at a Press Conference, Jiffry Zulfer – CEO of PickMe along with Jonathan Alles – Managing Director, HNB and several other dignitaries from both organizations gathered to give us the good news. HNB would partner with PickMe to facilitate a cashless system for rides. This means that you could pretty much use any Visa or MasterCard Credit/Debit card to pay for your rides.

The payment gateway has been developed by Interblocks, a company that deals with and handles personalized financial services.

How does one add a Card to the PickMe app?

The ability to add a Credit/Debit card to the PickMe application has been available for several months for Beta users. I myself had access to it and used it a few times. Now it was officially available to all PickMe users.

Registration of a card is a one-time process and the platform allows for the card details to be stored in a secure manner. Once the card details are entered and verified, the payment will be automatically deducted from the card (if it’s a debit card) or added to your monthly statement if it’s a credit card once you have reached your destination.

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To add a card, simply launch the app and navigate to the payment section. From there, you can select the Card option which will direct you to form where you enter card details such as name and card number.

If you feel unsafe entering these details, you need not fear as the PickMe app incorporates some of the most upto date security protocols and is also PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliant meaning that your personal information such as card details are encrypted at all times.

With over 12 million debit card holders and 1.2 million credit card holders in Sri Lanka, it certainly comes as no surprise that the cashless era is indeed upon us, thus making it child’s play to convert to a cashless system.

Encouraging the Masses to use HNB and PickMe

In order to facilitate the usage of card payments for existing PickMe users with HNB card holders, HNB also announced a limited time offer that kicked off with the launch. Accordingly, HNB Credit Card holders can have a discount of Rs. 300/- from their first three rides with PickMe when they register to pay with their HNB Credit cards from the 1st of February to the 15th of February 2017.

From the bank’s point of view, HNB has introduced the Momo point of sales device. This portable device can accept both Credit and Debit cards, thus making the entire process quite simple to perform.

There are still a few kinks to work out

Speaking of Credit and Debit cards, Zulfer also went on to say that at the time of launch, most Credit/Debit cards were supported except for a few. Through experience I know that the cards not supported for PickMe’s cashless payment options are Sampath Debit cards and Commercial Bank debit cards. However, Zulfer also added that steps are being taken to ensure that these cards too are added to the system thus making sure that all credit/debit cards are compatible with the platform.

PickMe is available for iOS and Android.

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