Picnic Orders Food And Ubers You To A Random Location


Max Goodman is a developer whose previous work experience involved working on interactive features for XKCD, a somewhat wildly popular Web comic. His latest brainstorm was for the recently held Stupid Hackathon in San Francisco. I’ll give you a hint; you guys like  to go on a picnic?

The Stupid Hackathon, yes it exists

Before you say anything, yes there is a Stupid Hackathon. No one knows why or how it came into being, but for now, all you need to know is that such an event exists. The concept behind it is quite simple; Stupid S**t No One Needs & Terrible Ideas. The last hackathon of this nature was held on the 6th of February 2016 and it is here that our story begins.

Meet Picnic

Goodman developed a browser-based app called Picnic that with one click, orders food (from Eat24) to be delivered to a location that is randomly selected. How does one get to the location, you ask? Well, the app would then hail an Uber to drive you there.

On the maiden voyage of the app, Picnic took Goodman somewhere in Daly City and proceeded to order Dolmas, coconut water, and finally, a Lebanese omelet. The destination, which presented itself on his PC via a Google Street View preview image turned out to be a gas station.

The Gas station picked out by Picnic
Image taken from: https://twitter.com/i/moments/732020688786182144

Goodman was a good sport and went along with the antics created by Picnic and went from the gas station to using the base of a lamp post as a seat, and even took the liberty of asking around nearby neighbors and outfits for cutlery as his orders did not come with them. In addition, he also added his entire journey to his Twitter account via Twitter Moments story.

Still think the idea was absurd? Well, it actually may be a brilliant method of figuring out a date or group outing. If you, like me are part of these groups, then you will know that the struggle is indeed real when no one in the group can decide where to go and what to eat.

Furthermore, Goodman also tweeted that he is currently cleaning up the code for Picnic and then proceeded to publish it on GitHub for others to play around with it soon. You can see it

So… Where do you guys want to go for lunch?


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