PIRATES and Ruwini’s debut


Real pirates? Even better: the Pirates Crew from SLIIT, who bring us the first real taste of what this evening is gonna be like in tune to dubstep – and the lights go out and the 8man freestyle dance crew turns out to be decked in pulsing neon! Now that was some serious innovation.

Next up: ACBT’s Ruwini Serasinghe, clad in white, who begins a soft, haunting, slow ballad with the piano backing up her high, soaring vocals. Sadly, the words are a bit indistinct from where we’re seated, which is smack in the middle. One thing we can tell for sure: this girl has amazing vocal range. Her second number begins, clear an¬†unmistakable:¬†“Chandrayan Pidhu”, a uniquely female cover of the famous song by the band Daddy. Wild applause. As the compere says: there’s one thing better than a vocalist, and that’s a female vocalist.


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