The PITTA Wants To Be Your All In One Camera


Action cameras usually have one purpose. They capture action footage. These devices are usually found with athletes or travelers who use it to record their journeys. They are rugged, durable and are usually certified to be water proof and dust proof. But that’s pretty much all they’re good for.

This is where the PITTA comes flying in. It consists of a spherical 6.7 inch body that can actually adapt to a number of uses. For example, a section of its spherical body which is held together by magnets can be replaced with modules that change what you can do with an action camera.

Taking flight with PITTA

Yes, PITTA can actually function as a full-fledged drone. Using a modular magnetic snap and twist design, the PITTA gains its wings, transforming it into a drone. The drone has a number of features baked into it such as the ability to hover and orbit around target and also auto follow targets. The device is controlled and configured via a mobile app available for both Android and iOS

The PITTA in Drone mode (Image Credits: The Drive)

It can also land automatically and return to its original location as soon as it loses signal from the operator. In addition,  drone can also create 360-degree panorama images and also record video at 4K at 30FPS.

Catching all the action with PITTA

When it’s not droning on, you ca use the device as an action camera. For this, you will obviously need to take off the drone module and attached the action camera module onto any standard action camera mount.

Using PITTA as an action cam

As an action camera, you can us the device to capture a footage as a time-lapse or as burst shots. You can also record slo-mo videos at 60FPS and share footage to social media services and live stream as well.

PITTA can also keep you safe

Apart from being your travel companion on your adventures, PITTA can also act as a home security camera. Simply connect it  to your home Wi-Fi network and it will display a live feed directly to your mobile device. This essentially allows you to keep an eye on the home front while you’re away.

The PITTA acts as a security camera as well.

How much will PITTA be?

That’s pretty much the all-important question here. PITTA was launched as a Kickstarter project and as such will only be successful if enough backers are there to fund it. As such, pledges for it  start off at $289 which is the Kickstarter exclusive which includes the device and accessories such as drone, an action cam), cradle, adapter, gift box and user manual. From there, they escalate both in terms of price and options such as additional batteries, propeller guards and even expanded storage

The most expensive pledge available is a whopping USD $9,100. This gets you 30 PITTA devices with accompanying bodies, cradles and adapters. We’re not quite sure what one person would do with 30 drones, but if you have the cash to splash, you can get yourself an army of drones. Currently, shipping is available across the world  from Kickstarter and estimated delivery is May/July 2018.


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