Plattar just completed a US$843,000 seed round


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, where digital graphics and sounds are layered onto the real world to give viewers more ways to interact with objects, has been touted as a game-changing technology.

Plattar to the rescue

Just imagine there was a website that allowed you to create, manage, and distribute augmented reality (AR) content? Well look no further. Plattar, an Australian startup just announced their completion of a US$843,000 seed round fronted by News Corp Australia.

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The Plattar platform consists of two parts. The first is an app builder equipped with multiple customizable templates and the second is a content management system for AR content. The product is currently in private beta and the developers of the platform are currently planning to offer the service to customers via a monthly fee to use this product. It will also provide tailor-made services for larger projects.

The company already claims to have a client base that includes blue-chip companies from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. This is News Corp Australia’s first seed investment, and yet no surprisingly, it has been made in the content space.

Facebook names AR as an important part of its 10-year plan, and even the tech giants such as Google and Alibaba have invested over a One billion USD in Magic Leap, an AR startup that has yet to even reveal their products to the public. Even Google Glass, despite having a bit of a rocky start at the beginning, is now on a comeback tour with a new version specifically for enterprises.

You can check out more information on Plattar here.


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