Pokemon Go Servers Hit With DDos Attacks


With the launch of Pokémon Go (even though it’s not yet official in Sri Lanka), hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Pokémon fans would have been waiting eagerly for the weekend to go catch ‘em all. But sadly it was not to be. Towards evening on Saturday many players reported login issues and it was quickly reported around the world.

A team of hackers calling themselves OurMine has been responsible for attacking Pokémon Go’s login servers with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which leads to players not being able to login to the game. Essentially, a DDoS attack works by flooding a server with traffic so that it can’t be accessed by actual users.

Image taken from http://cdn.mobilesyrup.com

According to the team, they stated that the attack would continue till representatives from Pokemon Go contacted them. This was also seen in a post on its website, where they said that “No one will be able to play this game till Pokémon Go contact us on our website to teach them how to protect it!”

The team has made quite a name for themselves by hacking the Twitter accounts of tech leaders and celebrities such as Sundar Pichai and Jack Dorsey. They usually take the opportunity to advertise the team’s security services.

According to one OurMine member, the team is trying to spread the word about security. So by hacking celebrity accounts and DDoSing popular games, they are saying that if they didn’t, someone else would. That being said though, they aren’t exactly doing community service. The charges for these services usually vary from $30 – $5000.

“We don’t want other hackers attack their servers, so we should protect their servers,” the OurMine member explained.

Prior to OurMine, another group by the name of Poodle Corp also claimed to have attacked Pokemon Go this weekend by performing DDoS attacks again.

The game has its fair share of bugs leaving aside DDoS attacks. Because of the massive influx of players, the game’s creators have struggled to keep their servers up and running. Outages and glitches have plagued the app since it launched. With 26 new countries added to the game this weekend, users were bound to experience some organic problems.

If you want to check who else has issues with the game, you can click here.


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