Catch ’em All With Pokémon Let’s Go for the Nintendo Switch


Since the initial games were released for the Nintendo Gameboy, I was hooked. With the games came the anime and then the movies. Throughout all these, I was (and remain) a kid at heart. With the release of Pokemon GO in 2016, the passion to be the very best was rekindled and I wanted to be like no one ever was. Pokémon Let’s Go for the Nintendo Switch once more tugs at my heartstrings once more.

What’s Pokémon Let’s Go?

Pokémon Let’s Go is an RPG developed by Game Freak for Nintendo’s latest handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. The two new games are specifically designed for newcomers to the Pokémon series. Essentially, you take everything you know and love about the original 151 and present them with better graphics and more enhanced gameplay.

Drawing heavy inspiration from Pokémon Yellow. Let’s Go has trainers starting off in Pallet Town located in the Kanto district. Here, depending on the version, you can start off with either a Pikachu or an Eevee. Similar to gameplay in Yellow, they will not return to their Pokéball. Rather, they will travel alongside the trainer.

How do you play Pokémon Let’s Go?

Well, you play it as you would play any other game in the franchise. You control your in-game character and travel across Kanto just like the original RPG. While the Pikachu or Eevee you start off with cannot evolve, other Pikachu or Eevee can evolve into their respective higher tier forms. There are some differences. For example, you cannot battle wild creatures like the original RPG. Rather, you take on a role similar to Pokémon Go here you can capture them by throwing a Pokéball.

Pokémon Let’s Go. Nintendo Switch.
Using the Joy-con on the Nintendo Switch (Image Credits: Gossipper)

Herein lies the trick. All you have to do is to aim and use Joy-Con ‘s buttons to throw the ball. The capture mechanism is just like you would in Pokémon Go. Three shakes of the ball and the Pokémon is now in your collection.

Don’t walk in the tall grass alone

You can even pair up with your friend via the second Joy-Con and take part in two-player co-op. Simply take the second Joy-con, give it a little shake and you can join up as a support character in open areas and in battles as well. The support or secondary player can also help you catch as well.

Pokémon Let's Go. Nintendo Switch.
Image Credits: cdn.gamer-network

In addition to the Joy-con, another device called the Pokéball Plus Remote would also be made available. Resembling a Pokéball, the device would essentially replace the Pokémon Go Plus and also act as joy-con for those on the Nintendo Switch. You can even take your favorite Pokémon with you. Gently shake your Poké Ball Plus and they’ll make a sound and the Poké Ball Plus will vibrate.

Further, just like the original games, battles (both against gym leaders and NPCs) are turn-based. Pokémon would have 4 attacks to choose from and it would be up to the trainer to decide which move to teach. Although, there seems to be a lack of TMs (Technical Machines) and HMs (Hidden Machines) in the game so we’re not quite sure how learning new moves would work.

The marriage between console and mobile

Though developed by two different companies, Pokémon Go and Pokémon Let’s Go can connect to each other via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can actually transfer Pokémon from your Go account into Let’s Go. Once you make the transfer, it is sent to a particular area from where you must catch it.

If you have any shiny Pokémon in Go, then they too would remain shiny in Let’s Go as well. Although, it was noted that any Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu with special hats (such as Halloween or Christmas, etc.) in Go cannot be transferred to Let’s Go.

When will it be available?

The games would be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 16th 2018. Sold separately alongside that would be the Pokéball Plus controller. Thus far there is no indication of pricing but it’s probably not going to be cheap. I guess I better start saving up then. You can learn more about the game and subscribe to the latest Pokémon news here. 


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