Polaroid Takes A Step Back To Create A Revolutionary Instant Camera


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Think of the last time you printed a picture to keep by your side. Just a waste of resources huh? With all the social networks in your hand, the use of a point-and-shoot camera has come to a total decline. While most of us agree that digital photography is a lot more efficient than having physical copies, Robert Brunner, the founder and president of the Silicon Valley firm, Ammunition thinks otherwise.

“Now, you share on social media, or at a party you pass the phone around. Photography used to be about that sense of joy and the physical artifact” says Brunner. With the collaboration of his firm’s client, Polaroid, Brunner recreates a classical 10MP Instant Digital Camera that does not use ink!

That’s right, say hello to Polaroid Snap, the nostalgic point-and-shoot camera that uses an inkless technology developed ZINK (abbreviation for Zero Ink) which can produce 2×3-inch prints in less than one minute. The magic behind this is the heat from the printer reacts with dye-crystals embedded in the The Polaroid Snap is a very handy-dandy camera. Brunner and his team wanted to make Snap as cartoonish as it can be. The size is small enough to fit the palm of your hand and the lens to be situated right at the center of the body.  And mind you, this is not just an old-fashion Instant Camera; Snap also is capable of saving your images on a MicroSD up to 32GB.

Image taken from Mashable
Image taken from Mashable

Another notable feature of Snap is the Photo Booth mode which allows you to print 6 pictures in 10 seconds. However, there’s no basic customization like the options we get in smartphones other than the ultra-standard color, black and white, and sepia filters making Snap as simple as it can be.

Polaroid Snap may seem like an outdated echo-friendly camera to an urban child. But for a traveler, the ability to instantly get a print of a picture and to save you a digital copy is indeed beyond useless. May it be to give a new friend a picture to remember or to keep one to post on your refrigerator, this hybrid of digital and instant cameras for just $99 is a definite go.

If you are a person who followed our article on how to pick a camera, do consider Polaroid Snap under the point-and-shoots if you qualify.



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