Pre-Tantalize: the prep up


Lights. Check. Camera. Check. Action? In another 4 hours. As promised, the Readme crew are at APIIT’s Tantalize 2012, dragging out cameras, tabs, and all sorts of high-tech stuff only geeks dare carry. Like a Windows 8 tablet in desperate need of charging.

Don’t worry, folks, the show hasn’t started yet. We’re early.

Reminder: we’re at Tantalize, the annual talent show organized by the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology. Which starts – officially – at 5.30 pm,  TODAY at the Musaeus Auditorium. We’re listening to the candidates – that is, those talented people who made it through the auditions. Stage lights roam across the cavernous auditorium, occasionally blinding us as we sit and tap away. 

If you want to crash in on what’s arguably this year’s biggest talent show, drop by the Musaeus Auditorium at 5.30 today. Cheers, folks.

Pre-Tantalize: the prep up 6


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