Prepare yourselves; TADHack is coming


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Remember TADHack? Last year, hSenid Mobile ported to Sri Lanka one of the biggest telco application hackathons in the world, hosting a satellite event mirroring the main event in Madrid, Spain. Since hSenid’s behind almost all the industry telco app development tools, participants got first-hand experience on the tech they need to grapple with to release telco apps both locally and internationally.

Now they’re back, and bigger than before. TADHack 2015 kicks of on the 13-14th June in both Colombo and Jaffna. Participants get to work with hSenid’s latest APIs – including their Internet of Things API, we’re told – and to connect to all the other satellite TADHacks happening around the world to showcase their projects.

hSenid also has two meetups planned: the first will take place on the 29th of April at the Royal Skills Center at 5 PM. It’s open for anyone: drop an email to [email protected] and attend. The first meetup will cover a broad range of topics, from the event itself to the type of solutions you’re expected to come up with.

The second meetup, which will be held on the 28th of May, will give the registered teams more information on what they’ll face and assign mentors to help guide you through the process. This is only for those who have registered, though.

Last year’s hack, to quote ourselves, was “very, very busy.” We saw applications put forth to digitize the process of ordering bus tickets, m-commerce with vending machines, and even a system to connect farmers to their retail and business customers by replacing the (human) middlemen wit a telco application. That was just off the top of our list: people came up with applications for waste management, jobhunting, first aid, and to even apps to build apps. Ideamart also announced that they’d shell out Rs 500,000 for the first three apps to generate Rs 50,000 in revenue. Needless to say, we expect the competition to be of an even higher standard this time.

What do you need to be ready? 

> A rough idea of how telco apps work and how hSenid’s tools let you build them

hSenid Mobile has a series of webinars planned to address both of these in detail, but we’d recommend you read up anyway. The more knowledge you have, the better. Keep an eye on – last year they put up their webinars, tutorial links and everything else you needed to know, and this year they’ll be doing the same.

> Some knowledge of what’s been done before, so you don’t waste time reinventing the wheel

We’d recommend going over our previous TADHack coverage to understand what was built last time and what won out. Also, look through the Dialog app store; chances are high that the popular ideas will have been replicated many, many times, so in order to stand out you’ll need to come up with something new.

> At least one team member with excellent pitching and presentation skills 

In business, a good idea can easily end up being buried if you don’t communicate it well enough. Look for a team member who knows how to present your epic idea to an audience. You can view last year’s pitches on YouTube here. The complete list of last year’s videos is available here.


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