WSO2Con 2013: Press Conference


In a press conference yesterday, WSO2 announced a new WSO2Con to be held in 2013 – with a twist. The international enterprise and middleware solution provider has held two WSO2Cons previously, but this one, as we found out, will take place simultaneously in London and in Colombo, with both locations linked in real time via high-speed live-streaming. It seems they’re teaming up with LankaCom, which will provide the link between the two events.

The press conference saw Hasmin AbdulCader (WSO2’s Director of Communications), Founder, Chairman and CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana and Paul Fremantle, the co-founder (and highly enthusiastic CTO) of WSO2 sit down with Rohith Udalagama, the managing Director of Lankacom to explain the what, why and how of WSO2Con 2013.

According to Dr. Sanjiva, the purpose of WSO2Con was to allow people to interact and learn with the people behind the tech and software they’re using. That means bringing the designers, architects and coders together with the users. This conference takes place from the 12th to the 14th of February at the Cinnamon Lakeside in Sri Lanka, and as Paul Fremantle explained, things are getting bigger. Speakers from almost every related industry will be sharing their thoughts and deeds with the audience. An open invitation turned up over 50 speakers from 10 different countries, which they had to pare down to 12 for WSO2Con. We saw the list and think it’s quite impressive. Among those guys are people whom tech enthusiast will definitely want to meet. For instance, Eben Upton, the designer of the pocket-sized Raspberry Pi computer; Brian Behlendorf, the Co-founder of the Apache software foundation and CTO of CollabNet and Pankaj Srivastava, VP of Cisco Systems. That’s some rather high-profile tech people (and most of them, have an achievements list as long as your arm. Scarily impressive). The whole thing will be livestreamed both ways, which means – yes, you can interact with them, ask questions and be asked in turn.

After the event, we talked to Rohith on the live-streaming. As anyone who’s used Skype will know, normal live video feeds are often too laggy to contemplate. Rohith assured us that this is NOT a normal live-streaming scenario. LankaCom with be providing a very high-speed line and their own hardware for low latency, with an estimated lag of less than a 2 seconds. That’s completely unnoticeable and very impressive and should make for a fluid interaction between both locations.

The conference is set to cover some specific ground, which we’ll list here. Those who take the stage will be speaking on open source tech, API management, service-oriented architecture, cloud computing, mobile business services and REST. There’s also going to be servings of Raspberry Pi. You can head over to for more information and to register – there’s an early bird discount until December 15th. Hurry!


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