PrivyText Has A Mobile App For Marketers


PrivyText recently launched a mobile app for iOS and Android devices to communicate promotional offers to customers. On an abstract level, it pushes alerts and notifications to customers as they walk past a store, alerting them to potential deals. Customers also get rewards for viewing these adverts and promos, can send messages to each other, and we here that once Central Bank approval is given, the app will also feature money transfer and payments features. We’ve seen tentative ideas being thrown around along these lines (particularly at Leapset), but this is one of the first consumer-ready implementations to come out of Sri Lanka.

PrivytextThe app is the brainchild of Lafayette, USA based surgeon turned entrepreneur – Sri Lanka born Ruban Nirmalan. The PrivyText team is headed by serial entrepreneur Ken Nirmalan, the founder and chairman of the Aqua Packaging Group (a highly successful exporter of value added plastic bags to USA and Europe), Aqua Gardens, Imperium (Pvt) Ltd (a software services and technology company) and 3SG Corporation (a BPO providing services to the USA). Ken is supported by Buddhin Gunasekera, a veteran in the IT and BPO space, and Pubudu Dissanayaka, an experienced software professional.

The unique PrivyText mobile app is user friendly and keeps customers updated with new offers and retail trends making their life easy, interesting and well-informed. PrivyText is also a good marketing tool for merchants to promote their product or service. I am confident that the app will be able to add value to both retailers as well as users” he stated, adding that the app will go live in the United States soon complete with the payment and money transfer features.

The PrivyText app is free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once you registers him/herself with a unique mobile number irrespective of the carrier, mobile alerts or notifications will be received to the mobile when the user is in the vicinity of a retailer together with an attractively designed visual promo offer. PrivyText will charge the retailer only for the number of PrivyText customers that the promo message has been delivered to. The team expects PrivyText to be especially useful during this festive season and on those special sale occasions.


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