Get Your Chicken Dinner With PUBG Mobile


Ever since it first came out for PC, PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds certainly caused a stir amongst gamers. In case you didn’t know, PUBG is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed and also published by PUBG corporation.

Created by a bunch of mods by one Brenden “PlayerUnknown” Greene, PUBG was originally based on the film Battle Royale released in the year 2000. Drawing inspiration from the movie, a typical match in PUBG has upto 100 players parachuting onto an island, where they proceed to scavenge for weapons, equipment and even clothes.

In addition, they also have to avoid being killed and also kill others in the process. Think of it as a survival of the fittest scenario and you’ll see what we mean.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG being played on PC (Image Credits: DualShockers)

In addition to staying from being killed, the player also has to be very aware of the game map. This is because the game’s safe area in the map decreases over time. This, in turn, means that at some point, you’re bound to run into another player and one of you will have to kill the other one. If you’re the last remaining person on the map when the time hits zero, you are awarded points and coins. These coins can be used to purchase cosmetic items for character customization.

PUBG goes mobile

Thus far, PUBG has been available via Steam for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One. Priced at $29.99 the game wasn’t exactly cheap, but then again, wasn’t exactly expensive either. However, in a surprising turn of events, PUBG also made it to the mobile arena a few days ago. Available for both Android and iOS, PUBG Mobile (aptly named) is free on both platforms.

Offered by Tencent Games, with an average rating of 4.5/5, we were extremely curious to see what it would be like on a mobile device. More importantly, we wanted to know why the game was priced at $0. So we did what any person would do in a situation like this: we downloaded the game.

PUBG Mobile
The welcome screen of PUBG Mobile

Now before we start off, while PUBG mobile is indeed a mobile version of the main game, that doesn’t mean that the game is light. In fact, the games files are around 700MB so if you’re not on a postpaid data connection, we recommend you switch to a Wi-Fi connection to download the game.

It is also recommended that your device be running a minimum of Android 5.1 and have at least 2GB of RAM. This will ensure that you get the best possible gaming experience. Since a constant internet connection is required, you’re also better off staying in one place as well.

Getting ready to enter the battleground of PUBG

Once PUBG has been installed, setting things up is pretty straightforward. You can either login via Facebook, or play as a guest. Once you have signed up, your next step would be to customize your character.

You can choose to be a male or female and customize your hairstyle and hair color. That’s about it in terms of character customization. It’s not much but then again, you’re probably not going to spend too much time on your character either. Once you’re happy with how your character looks, you can save it and then proceed to the main screen of PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile
The Main screen of PUBG (Image Credits: Desh Rathnayake)

Here you have all the details such as the latest announcements, achievements you’ve unlocked and also the coins you have earned from previous victories. You can also adjust in game volume and graphics as well. The game will automatically select the best settings so that you get the best possible gameplay. If you feel that you can squeeze more graphics from your device, then you can go ahead and crank up the settings.

What’s a typical PUBG Mobile match like?

Akin to the PC or console version of PUBG, a match in PUBG Mobile kicks off with the pplayer being launched out of a plane. Once you reach a certain descent, you’re prompted to open your parachute. Once opened, you can use the on screen controls to steer your descent. Depending on how you steer your chute, you will either end up on dry land or in the ocean. Try for the former as the latter can be tricky to maneuver out of.

PUBG Mobile
Waiting for a match to start (Image Credits: Desh Rathnayake)

Once you reach land, then your story truly begins. Similar to how you play on PC or console, your only objective is to survive. The total amount of live players is shown on the top left of your screen. Any kills or deaths that happen to players are shown below that. Controlling the movement of your character is done keeping your thumb on the left side of the screen and aiming and moving your weapon is done by controlling the right side of the screen.

PUBG Mobile
Image Credits: Image Credits: Desh Rathnayake

If you’re a left handed player, you can fire with your left hand as well. Tapping the map on the upper right will bring up a larger version. You also get buttons for a crosshair that also acts as a zoom button, a jump button, a prone and a kneeling button, and a reload button. In addition to these, you also have your two primary weapons, medical supplies and grenades.

Looting is life

A key survival tactic in PUBG and PUBG Mobile is staying alive. In order to do this, you need equipment. Now you can’t exactly go up to a store and buy items. Rather, what you do is, you go from house to house, looking around for items that can help you. These items range from weapons and ammunition, to clothing and accessories, to med packs which you can use to heal yourself and the occasional frying pan as well. If you have never hit anyone with a frying pan, you can now do so in PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile
Tired of walking? Take a Buggy for a spin. Just don’t get shot (Image Credits: Desh Rathnayake)

Obviously, looting is also a race against time. Resources are going to be scarce and people will use whatever they get their hands on. So in the true meaning of the term “the early bird gets the worm”, the first person to loot items will usually stand a better chance of surviving. In addition to these, if you’re extremely lucky, you can even get your hands on a vehicle. These range from jeeps, cars and even the occasional buggy as well. They will take damage if you drive recklessly and also if it gets shot. Take enough damage and the vehicle will explode, killing anyone inside it or close to it.

Getting the right weapon for the job

Weapons in a PUBG Mobile match range from Assault rifles, to Carbines, Submachine Guns (SMGs), Light machine guns (LMGs) and Shotguns. These weapons are not exactly going to be handed to you on a silver platter. You’re going to have to scout around looking for them. Making things even more challenging, the spawn locations of the weapons change as well. This means the place you found an AK47 in your previous match will be different in the next match you play. If all else fails and you’re out f ammo, grab that frying pan and get cooking.

PUBG Mobile
That’s a nice scope you have, dear.
All the better to shoot you with, dear
(Image Credits: Desh Rathnayake)

As stated at the beginning, the game’s safe area in the map decreases. If you’re caught outside the safezone, you will take damage and eventually be eliminated. That’s not all, though. Random areas of the map will be highlighted in red and bombed. This means you cannot camp in one location and that you have to keep on moving. Before the area is bombed, you will be given a warning so that you can plan accordingly.

Winning that chicken dinner

In addition, apart from looting, you can also receive loot packages via a plane that flies over various parts of the map. The items in these packages are usually not found in the normal game. The package emits red smoke so that it’s difficult to miss. This also means that other players too will be headed to the care package as well.

PUBG Mobile
Would you like some sauce with that chicken dinner?
(Image Credits: Desh Rathnayake)

This, in turn would lead to more confrontations. Survive till the very end and you’ll be awarded with a Chicken dinner. Die or come second and you still get coins, but its not as fulfilling or satisfying and winning the match.

Think you’re good at PUBG Mobile? Think again

One interesting point that we found in the initial days of the release of PUBG mobile was that people found it relatively easy to win a match. Later on, there was suspicion that the matches were filled with bots for the starter levels. While unconfirmed, it appeared that the bots were introduced to let players level up and gain an understanding of the game. As you leveled up, the bots got lesser and were replaced by actual players. This, in turn meant that after a certain level, you were no longer the skilled marksman you thought you were.

PUBG Mobile
Is it a human? Is it a bot? We may never know (Image Credits: Kotaku Australia)

That being said, however, PUBG is an intensely fun game and PUBG mobile is equally so. Putting things frankly, it certainly is as good as the original version on PC and console. From the graphics, to the gameplay to the mechanics, Tencent games have indeed done a good job in the development of PUBG Mobile.  The fact that it’s free to play also means that if you don’t have the game for PC, you can try it out on your Android or iOS device and get a feel of it.

Have you played PUBG Mobile? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment below.


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