The Rapoo VH200: The Beauty To Your Beast


Rapoo is a relatively unheard of brand in Sri Lanka. Nonetheless they are known for having a number of gaming peripherals ranging from keyboards, mice, gaming keyboard mice combos as well as gaming headsets. The Rapoo VH200 is one such gaming headset.

Available in both black and white and priced at Rs. 5,000/-, the Rapoo VH200 is available at Redline Technologies,, and is also distributed by Eternal Asia Lanka.

The Packaging

In terms of packaging, the Rapoo VH200 comes in a black box with a large image of the headset on the front and a list of technical specifications on the back. The box is sealed at the top and the bottom with the standard cardboard latch. Once opened, the VH200 itself is nestled safely in a plastic tray. Once you take It out of the tray, you are ready to begin using the headset.

Rapoo VH200
Unpacking the Rapoo VH200
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The Rapoo VH200 – The Hardware and specs.

The first thing you notice when you take the headset into your hands is the build quality. It feels a bit on the heavy side but not too heavy and the build is quite sturdy. You’ll also notice that the VH200 has rather large earcups that feature an over ear design. This makes it very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods without any strain or pain on your ears. The material for the earcups is pleather and each cup is adequately cushioned providing a soft, comfortable experience.If you sweat a lot though, you may have to take off the headset every once in a while.

Rapoo VH200
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

The next thing you notice as soon as you put the Rapoo VH200 headset on your head is that it has an adjustable headband. This saves the wearer a lot of time in adjusting the headset to fit his/her head and also aids in adding stability to the headset when worn. Even if one were to wear it and vigorously shake their head, the headset stays on.

On the left side of the headset is an Omni directional microphone equipped with a noise cancelling feature. The mic is fully retractable so that it can be hidden when not in use and then pulled out for use. Even when retracted into its base, the microphone is pretty powerful and can still pick up the sound of your voice so if you are too lazy to pull the microphone out, you can still use it.

The Rapoo VH200 – Making Sound Look Good

Just below the microphone is the cable that connects to both the audio port for headphone and microphone and also a USB port for lighting. Yes, that’s right. The Rapoo VH200 also has RGB lighting to add that extra dazzle for your gaming setup. Since it’s RGB, you can set it to the exact color you want to make everything matchup perfectly.

Rapoo VH200
Image credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Next to the cable is the lighting button. One thing to note is that by default, the lighting on the VH200is a color cycle mode. So if you want a particular color such as purple or yellow, you will have to wait for the color cycle to mix that color and then press the lighting button to keep it to that color. Pressing the button again will switch the lighting to a breathing effect. Pressing the button once more will disable lighting, and pressing it once again will re-enable lighting. It would have made things a lot easier to incorporate a software to control the lighting because it does get rather annoying when you have to keep going through the process of changing the color, especially if you’re gaming setup is according to a particular color scheme.

Using the Rapoo VH200

Since the Rapoo VH200 is literally a plug and play headset, there’s no requirement for any software or drivers to be installed. Just connect the correct audio jack to the correct port in your PC or laptop and you’re good to go. You can even use it on your smartphone or tablet as a normal pair of headphones but obviously, the microphone and lights will not work.

Rapoo VH200
Image credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Just because it’s called a gaming headset, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be used for something else either? If you need a headset for speaking with your loved ones via Skype, then the Rapoo VH200 will fit the bill as well. Watching a movie or listening to music? While it’s nowhere close to sounding like a surround sound high end music headphone, the Rapoo VH200 actually offers a surprisingly clear level of stereo audio for both movies and music. It doesn’t have a thumping bass with booming low frequencies but with a frequency range of 20-20000Hz, you’ll hear what needs to be heard. With a 2-meter cable attached to it (literally) you can join your friends online for some frags or sit back and watch a movie or two.

As for being a gaming headset, the Rapoo VH200 certainly is one of the best headsets for the price. Whether you’re playing a fast paced match of Overwatch or witnessing the beauty of Witcher 3, this headset delivers on all aspects. Obviously as it is a stereo headset, you won’t see a benefit of enabling surround sound features in your games. There are better headsets for that, but those also come with a higher price tag.

In Conclusion

Overall, if you’re on the lookout for a new headset that’s not expensive but also not exactly cheap looking either, give the Rapoo VH200 a go. It looks good, has RGB lighting and is comfortable to wear for a long periods of time.

Have you used a Rapoo VH200? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment in the section below.



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