THX Is Now Under The Umbrella Of Razer


We’ve all heard the “Deep Note” that plays before movies at the cinema. We’ve also heard it on games such as Need for Speed Underground and Underground 2. Yes, I’m talking about THX. The company founded by George Lucas in 1983 also has a close tie with Star Wars. Now, it seems the company has been acquired by gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer. In a statement on news, officials from Razer explained that they would maintain all of THX’s management and staff. They would also give them the independence to run their own operations make their own business decisions.

The iconic THX LogoImage taken from
The iconic THX Logo
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THX’s certification can be found on a number of high end audio products from brands such as Logitech. The company has also expanded to live performances through THX Live! of which the debut was seen on Beyoncé’s Formation in early 2016.

With the convergence of the entertainment space, Razer too wants to leave their mark. The company’s goal is to establish themselves as an entertainment powerhouse across music, movies, and games. With the acquisition of THX, Razer hopes that they can market their products to an audience who could be somewhat skeptical of Razer’s product range.

This could also mean a new wave of audio peripherals from Razer. As such they could contain technologies from THX as well. Even better, this could mean cinema quality VR and high fidelity audio on their laptops as well. No word on that has been given so far, but that doesn’t stop us from having our fingers crossed.

The Razer Mako: A THX Certified audio system from 2008
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However, one of Razer’s goals is to penetrate Chinese movie theaters. With THX’s core business still focused on optimization and certification, and China being a large market for entertainment, Razer may pretty much be sitting on a gold mine to help accelerate THX’s enterprises.

That being said though, for a once glorious brand, this acquisition is somewhat of a low point for THX. They were a pioneer in promoting standards of high quality audio which eventually grew into proprietary forms such as Dolby and DTS. These formats then took over and THX was left in a sad little corner. Even today, there are little to no US cinemas that boast of THX’s technologies.

Still, there is a lot of love for THX, especially from Star Wars lovers. With the collaboration of these two companies, the stage is set for a new era in high fidelity audio.

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