Let Your Business Reach A Larger Market Base With Omentra


Omentra is a B2B e-Commerce space operating in Sri Lanka which draws inspiration from global B2B e-commerce platforms. If you didn’t already know, the word Omentra means “freedom” in ancient Greek. This is the main drive and focus of Omentra and as such, their goal is to provide freedom to all businesses across Sri Lanka with all aspects of their daily B2B requirements.

Why is B2B so Important?

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, e-Commerce has become somewhat of a vital component to companies in developing countries. Why, you ask? Well there are a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows you to reach a greater market, it also enhances participation in international supply chains, and improves firm-level and market efficiencies.

OmentraThrowing a few numbers out, B2B e-Commerce is projected to increase at a faster rate of 19% year-over-year compared to B2C e-Commerce which is 17%. From a global perspective, B2B e-Commerce sales are forecasted to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020, more than twice the total of B2C e-Commerce ($3.2 trillion).

Enter Omentra

Omentra was launched as the one stop solution for all businesses in Sri Lanka. It is a complete B2B e-Commerce portal that enables businesses to purchase and compare products and services, obtain information and quotations and generate business solutions for their daily lineup of B2B procurement and business related needs. Omentra currently provides services to eight different industry verticals which are engineering, construction, manufacturing, lighting & electrical, IT products, raw materials, office supplies and business services. Essentially, Omentra allows and encourages local businesses to list themselves and their respective products & services on the platform, thus enabling them to reach a larger market base both nationally and internationally.

OmentraPerhaps the key component of Omentra is the ability to search for products, services or suppliers in a single marketplace. In addition, users can also compare said products and services providing decision review systems such as Safety guarantee, Quality assured suppliers, Money back guarantee and Customer feedback & rating. Users also have the ability to choose from a variety of financing available for their purchase requirements.

Omentra’s goal is to alleviate a majority of the common issues faced by aims to provide solutions to all such common issues faced by businesses such as sourcing for reliable suppliers and finding the best quality products/services at the best prices etc.

You can learn more about Omentra by clicking here.


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