We’re ReadMe. We work inside 14/15A, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Bambalapitiya.  If you have an interesting story to share with us, we can be reached at [email protected]

We’re the new media.

We don’t just write, we run the gamut – photography, live blogging, live twitter coverage, the works. We’re a bit particular about how we’re referred to. So here’s a general list of do’s and don’t when referring to ReadMe: DO capitalize the R and the M, regardless of whether you’re referring to the brand, website or the company. DON’T spell it as two words. It’s ReadMe, not Read Me. DO follow the LOGO GUIDELINES given below. DON’T modify our logo – resizing the whole thing is perfectly alright, but other modifications are not.

Here are the different variations of our logo.

Whichever variation you choose please ensure that logo has a spacing of 25px.

Facebook photo album logo usage (Spacing 60px)

If you’re including our logo on a Facebook image, please follow the above guidelines. Ensure the width is at 166px, height at 44px, and 60px of space on all sides.

Logo spacing guideline (Spacing 25px)

Download ReadMe logo

You can download the different variations of our logo to suit your needs by clicking the links below: