README ties up with Wooroll for job search


You may have noticed that our jobs section now leads you to a new site. That’s because we’ve tied up with to bring you all the jobs in Sri Lanka, right to your fingertips.


What is Wooroll? Wooroll is magic. As of now, it’s the fastest, and only comprehensive job search engine in Sri Lanka. Wooroll algorithms hunt through all major job portals, search, sort and separate and bring everything onto one fast, easily searchable platform, indexing thousands and thousands of jobs, checking job expiry dates so you don’t have to. At the end of the day, it’s all about serving up quality jobs to jobhunters. To quote Bhagya Silva, the founder of this service:
Being able to access the right job postings at the right time can greatly improve an individuals income and his quality of life. This will also contribute to a better working environment for people who earn their living through work. There are a number of job portals which are built to serve job postings to individuals, but they focus on posting jobs, not on ensuring quality jobs are posted. This can be understood. So we decided to make this wrong, a right.”

Why wooroll? For one, wooroll’s super effective. It’s a vertical search engine, which means that it focuses on a tight scope with great precision – which in turn makes it more accurate than Google when you’re looking for that Software Engineer posting. It’s the same reason maintains a larger share of shopping searches than Google. A tight focus helps.

Wooroll’s also pretty smart. For instance, their systems rank discrimination – sexism, racism and so on – lower.  A posting with the title ‘female project manager aged below 30 years‘  gets ranked lower than a post with the title ‘project manager‘, which can be considered non-discriminatory. Let’s not discriminate, eh?

Here’s to the future.



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