Are You Ready For Startup Weekend Negombo?


What do Jaffna, Colombo and Vanni have in common? Well, apart from being interesting and historic places with cultural significance, they have also played host to Startup Weekend.

What is Startup Weekend?

If you didn’t already know, Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event that brings together developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic designers and many others. They all come together to pitch ideas for new startup companies. Think of Startup Weekend as a global Initiative whose primary aim is to promote entrepreneurship.

Startup Weekend Negombo
A glimpse back at Startup Weekend Vanni
Image credits: Pradeep K. Liyanage

These individuals gather at a single location for a weekend, form teams and then begin the journey to make their ideas a reality. They also have access to mentors, free and unlimited Wi-Fi, and more importantly, free and unlimited coffee. With all these elements in place, anyone taking part in Startup Weekend has all the necessities to build a company over the weekend.

Thus far, there have been a total of three Startup weekends that took place. One in Jaffna, one in Colombo and finally one in Vanni. We attended all three of these and were quite impressed with the ideas that the teams had. But that wasn’t enough for the organizers. They wanted more.

Introducing Startup Weekend Negombo

Adding to the list of locations that Startup Weekend has been held, Negombo too will play host to Startup Weekend. Anyone interested in taking part has 54 hours to pitch his or her idea. If your idea clicks with someone else, then you can go ahead and team up and proceed to develop your idea into hopefully what would be the next big startup.

When is Startup Weekend Negombo Happening?

Scheduled to be held at the Paradise Beach Hotel in Negombo from the 19th of May 2017 all the way through to the 21st of May 2017, Startup Weekend Negombo will kick off with the Icebreaker session on Friday. This is where you introduce yourself along with an idea you have in the hope of creating a team. Once that is done, you will spend a greater portion of Saturday building your product and also your network as it provides an ideal opportunity to meet potential clients. You can also get advice from mentors and listen to some success stories of leading industry professionals along the way.

Sunday is D-Day where you bring it all together for one last stand; the Grand Finale, as it were. Here, you and your team would pitch your startup to a panel of judges. If they like your idea well enough, you may just walk away with not only being crowned the winner of Startup Weekend, but also the chance to be the next big startup in Sri Lanka, and then the world.

Want to be a part of Startup Weekend Negombo?

Well, all you have to do is buy a ticket, pack a bag and head over to Negombo on Friday and you’re good to go. Tickets are priced at USD $15 which roughly equals LKR 2,200/-. If you ask me, that’s totally worth it for the sheer experience and knowledge you would gain over the weekend. Tickets are available here and you can view more detail about Startup Weekend Negombo here. Fancy a look at what happened at the last Startup Weekend? Watch the video below.

If you are unable to make it, never fear as the ReadMe team will be present to bring you the latest and greatest as it happens. If you see us, don’t hesitate to come say Hi.

We wish all those taking part the best of luck. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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