Recap – Aurora, Shehan and surprise – BNS!


I’m afraid we’ve got little to say about Aurora, the stunning all-girl dance crew who (among other things) pulled off a Gungnam style. We were too engrossed in the performance to write (face it, we’re human). We’ve listened to a very complex, technical piece of trumpet jazz by Shehan, the solo jazz prodigy. Ruin from APIIT pulled off a distinct two-part performance with one of their own originals in the mix.

Guess what woke us up? None other than Bathiya and Santhush AND Randhir rocking the audience with a sing-a-long “Master Sir” and “Mage Sihine Obai”. Their flawless performance – and yes, they are taking requests. Wild! Naeno is rocking the crowd and everybody’s up off their seats and shaking it down the aisles.

Recap - Aurora, Shehan and surprise - BNS! 13


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