On Record: Pearson Lanka’s Quality Quest

Pearson Lanka is a provider of software development and remote infrastructure management services to multiple technology groups across Pearson PLC. When it says it’s hosting an event we get curious. This is why we went to BMICH on the 26th of November for Quality Quest 2014. For those of you who don’t know, Quality Quest was a 3 day event organized by Pearson Lanka with the intention of sharing their expertise on improving software quality through Dev-Ops.

The 1st two days were closed off to the general public and were aimed at Pearson Lanka’s own team members situated in Orion City. The third day saw event shift to BMICH where it was open to the general public. The event began with a tour of 7 different stalls that showcased what Pearson Lanka’s departments do and how they ensure quality through DevOps. Representation from reputed software outfits & undergraduates from different IT faculties were to be seen among the crowd.


Following the tour, the actual conference began. The keynote speaker of the day was Sanjeewa Alwis, a Dev-Ops manager and evangelist at Pearson Lanka. “Technology was a luxury. Now it’s a necessity,” he began, going on to describe how technology today has reshaped the way businesses operate. His speech morphed into an introduction to Dev-Ops.

After Sanjeewa’s speech, we saw the Lightning Round competition start. This competition saw individuals from different organizations present their ideas on different aspects of Dev-Ops and software quality.

At the end of the lightning round, the guest speaker of the day Rohan Pallewatta, the Executive Chairman of Lanka Harness (a company that earns in the millions – in dollars) had arrived. Rohan began his speech by singing. Yes, singing – it’s a well-known speech this: his life story, and how he built a multi-billion-rupee company building sensors that have a failure rate of only one part per million.


Following the speech by Rohan, he, along with the special guests, Miss. Thushara Wijewardena Chief Project Officer in Exilesoft, Mr. Chinthaka Indikadahena a Veteran Quality Practitioner and Nalina Wijesundara General Manager of Pearson Lanka took the stage for the panel discussion. This was a fruitful discussion where the participants got an opportunity to interact with the experts and broaden their knowledge on DevOps & Quality.


Once the panel discussion ended, the awards were handed out to the winners of the Lightning Round competition and the Colombo Selenium Meetup began, which marked the end of Quality Quest 2014.


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