We Dropped By the new flagship store of Redline Technologies


For gamers, PC enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts, the name Redline Technologies is no stranger. Since their initial store opened in late 2011, Redline Technologies has become one of the more prominent places to fulfill one’s innermost desires of having the latest and greatest in PC hardware, both for gaming and for industrial use as well. The brainchild of Sabreen Reffai and Zaffran Zavahir, Redline Technologies grew both in reputation and in business. We covered the origins of Redline Technology back in 2014.

Redline Technologies
The past and present crew of Redline Technologies

The company also recently unveiled their newest flagship store on the 4th of April 2018. Located at No. 21, Joseph’s Lane, Bambalapitiya, we at ReadMe decided to swing by and see what the new and improved Redline Technologies 2.0 had to offer.

Redline Technologies 2
An example of a high-end rig, courtesy of Redline Technologies

So what’s new at Redline Technologies 2.0?

As soon as you walk in, the first thing you notice is the counter on the right side. This has products ranging from peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headphones to more specialized products such as sound cards, graphics cards, and even RGB headphone stands (yes, they exist).

From the counter, we made our way back to the main display area of the store. This includes more peripherals, a pedestal of graphics cards in a wall and a number of high ends (and expensive) power supply units as well. There’s also a number of brightly lit PCs connected to a couple of gaming monitors as well.

Redline Technologies
Snapshots from the new store

If you recall, the earlier store of Redline Technologies had a point of sales, quotation desk and general inquiry point all at the same point. That is no longer an issue. Each has their own dedicated station with sales assistants ever willing to lend a helping hand in helping you with your next purchase or upgrade.

Redline Technologies
The quotation area (Directors are optional)

Another problem solved was to take your PC to the technical division which was as Unity Plaza. This involved climbing three flights of stairs to the store at Majestic only to find that they have to go back down and across to road. With the new store, all this is one area. This means that you can go, place your order for a PC and then pick it up from the same place without having to climb upstairs and go back and forth between locations as before.

So why did Redline Technologies move?

We got in touch with Sabreen Reffai, Director of Redline Technologies who explained that “We moved to our new location at Joseph’s lane because operating out of malls and a physically separate service location was proving to be extremely inconvenient for our customers. Now that we finally have a large single location that we can base all our departments out of, it allows us to be more streamlined, and give our customers a completely revamped and modern retail experience”.

The new store also does come with a few challenges. This includes a possibly higher electricity bill and also security concerns, now that they are an entity to themselves. But not to worry, a keen security guard is always on the lookout to make sure your precious components are kept safe and sound.

You can also visit the revamped website of Redline Technologies by clicking here.



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