Refresh Colombo ~ July Meetup


Refresh! Usually, a gathering of witches and wizards – ahem, fellow geeks from and around the IT sector – tends to be fairly filled. This time around, most of the Refresh crowd seemed to be missing. This is probably thanks to the other events unfurling across Colombo at the same time. Talk about schedule conflict.  

So we head over to Royal College. Climb. Our host-slash-professional-socialist, Indu Nanayakkara, meets us indoors. The session’s almost about to start. Dinesh Priyankara is ready to embark on his short introduction to business intelligence.

“I’m a techie, I was in a bit of a rush, so I’m not sure if what I have here is very relevant,” he confessed, bringing up what he calls a hurriedly mashed-together presentation. What he began with is a bit of history, charting the growth of business intelligence from a vaguely-coined term in 1958 to the buzzword of the 90’s. As promised, it was a techie speech, moving in and out of database concepts and how developers build business intelligence applications in the world today. It was also well organized and presented: the by time Dinesh was done, most of us had actually learned something very relevant to how we work.

Next on the menu: Bernadine Jayasinghe on “the Brick”. If you’re wondering what the heck this means, well, so were we. What she introduced was a concept called the Brick, which seems to be an atom of talent. This involved a scene where @yudhanjaya put his phone at risk in a high-stakes game of stones. And no, we’re not going to explore the presentation in detail, because we have a word limit where life concepts are involved.

The last act was undoubtedly the most refreshing. Charitha Bandara and Fahad Fahrook. “We’re going to show you cheesy videos because that’s what everybody does at these inspirational thingies,” they said. And yes, true to their word, we had cheesy videos, inspiration and not a few laughs.  That quite made up for the absentees.

Here’s to Refresh: let’s hope everybody makes it next time.


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