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Refresh Colombo, the monthly meet-up of the tech enthusiasts in Sri Lanka held its March meet-up on the 28th this month at APIIT.  This month’s meeting was extra special since one of the founders of Refresh Colombo too was in town (apparently on a holiday) and delivered a session at the meet-up.

Sukanti Iyne Husain (@sukanti) who is the Vice President of Educational Technology for Curriculum Associates, a publishing company based in Boston, USA and also one of the founders of Refresh Colombo first spoke on how Refresh Colombo was formed, and then spoke on the topic of “Design Thinking in 15 Minutes”. Sukanti spoke on how designs need to match customer requirements and did a practical session with some clay on getting the audience to pair up and asking them to design an innovative tool to eat something that’s usually most difficult to eat. The audience took it as a challenge and enthusiastically came up with creative imaginary utensils: crab eating devices with chain saws, egg hopper suction devices with electronic buttons etc.

Next up was Megara Tegal (@MegTegal) who spoke on the topics of “Ethics on Social Media” and “When Social Media Meets Mass Media”. Although Megara spoke very little, she sparked an interesting debate among the audience on ethics of social media usage where almost everyone in the room participated. The debate went on for nearly an hour before being abruptly ended with few indecisive conclusions due to time constraints. Many attendees spoke on how “tweets” posted by them was being published on national newspapers which they didn’t particularly welcome, but the comment on “forget privacy when you go online” was being repeated by many.

Join the next meetup of Refresh Colombo – meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month. Follow Refresh Colombo on twitter at @refreshcolombo or check their website at for more updates.

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