The Rest of #E32014: Highlights


After three sleepless nights, E3 wrapped-up on June 12th. Now we had a glace of how the next-gen games look like and we were all impressed. Now let’s look at the others.

Nintendo’s Amiibo

Ever wondered how wonderful it would be if your action figures were to come alive? Well that is certainly one of our childhood dreams. Nintendo once again returned to thrilling that 12-year old inside of you with Amiibo – a set of action figures which can interact with your WII U directly without 3rd-party equipment. What makes Amiibo special is that it is not fixed to a single game. An Amiibo can enter a set of specifically modified games with a single touch of the action figure on your controller. Remember the good days of imagining your Bakugan is coming alive to fight against your friends?

The Indies

A special highlight of E3 2014 were the tons of indie titles. A few made major marks. One name which won the spotlight was No Man’s Sky by Hello Games. Now ee have seen quite a number of games focusing on huge dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures: we have also seen a few sci-fi inter-galactic explorations. No Man’s Sky takes you to an unbelievably vast universe with EVERYTHING – pre-historic creatures, sci-fi tech and space pods to explore entire PLANETS! If you are an indie fan, make sure you keep your eyes on this title hitting PlayStation 4 & PC soon.

Anyone else missing that dark-thriller experience we once got from LIMBO? Well we certainly have good news for you then. Playdead Studios is back with another title with a similar ambience. It’s called “Inside”. We once again find ourselves with a lost-child setting, slightly creepy to boot. Unlike LIMBO’s jungle ride, we are to explore an industrialized district which focuses mainly on ‘something inside’. Could this be another half-ending game as LIMBO? There’s only one way to find out.

A Sri Lankan Touch

Ready at Dawn, the Californian game studio, is comprised of former members of both Naughty Dog and Blizzard Entertainment. They’ve worked on God of War for the PSP – and as it turns out, the studio was co-founded by a Sri Lankan: Ru Weerasuriya.We’re excited about their latest title – The Order: 1866, a historical third-person shooter. Though we pay special attention to this game because of its Sri Lankan involvement (which is no valid reason for it to shine at E3), a huge international crowd was attracted to The Order simply for its stunning appearance.

Battlefield vs. Call of Duty: Another Year

Of course, nothing’s complete without the usual COD vs Battlefield shootout. From EA’s corner we have Battlefield: Hardline facing-off against Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare representing Activision. Hardline so far promises us a combination of new features, which this 23-seconds fan-made clip rather ironically questions. However, it doesn’t seem to affect EA’s fan-base: the fans seem to be quite pleased by Hardline’s beta gameplay. It’s very cops-and-robbers and it looks like it could be a new spin on the gameplay we loved.

To rise to that challenge, Advanced Warfare opens up a new chapter in the history of Call of Duty. History – we’re going into sci-fi warfare this time! Whether or not it’ll actually be epic is up for grabs. It looks like it has both a politically satirical plot and some action to boot – however, trailers often let us down. Whoever you may support, don’t forget that these are not the only shooters announced at E3 2014.

That wraps-up the highlights of E3 for this year. We’re left with many announcements to look forward till 2015 and enough and more reasons to throw out our game-dedicated wallets into a well of shining new titles. In hopes of spending a lot of time in front of a monitor, happy next-gen gaming, peeps!



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