Rhoda: The all-electric Sri Lankan Roadster


Designed with the purpose of augmenting your commute life, Rhoda is the proud product of Sri Lankan innovation. A milestone for Sri Lankan engineering, the Rhoda electric bike range made its debut on the 24th of September at Hatch. Speaking at its launch, Co-Founder & CEO of Rhoda, Eyas Fazul described how Rhoda AT was designed around 3 key principles – to be convenient, sustainable, and economical.

Rhoda: The all-electric Sri Lankan Roadster 5
The Rhoda AT is Sri Lanka’s first electric bicycle (Image credits: Rhoda)

Capable of all-terrain use, Rhoda AT is the perfect solution for zipping through the congested streets of Colombo during the rush hour. All while doing it with a minimum carbon footprint and promoting a cardio work out on the way back home. While most people who haven’t ridden a bike in their life find the learning process daunting, the Rhoda is quite easy to get the hang of, as demonstrated by the audience at the interactive debut session. Members of the audience described that even though they have never learned to ride 2 wheel vehicles, they faced no difficulty in mastering the Rhoda AT. Allowing them to ride it comfortably and quite confidently.

Powered by a proprietary battery pack, the electric motor on the Rhoda is capable of five levels of assist. And to make things sweeter, it comes with cruise control. With a top speed of 25 Km/h, the Rhoda has a mileage of 30 km on cruise control and up to 60 km if you opt for the power assist. Or an unlimited range, as far as your legs will take you. More than enough for a day of commuting with detours as well as socializing. 

What the Rhoda offers (Image credits: Rhoda.life)

Utilizing the processing power at your fingertips – your Smartphone, Rhoda becomes a smart bike with extended features. Using your phone’s display as a Heads Up Display/HUD, Rhoda displays useful travel metrics on screen and allows you to control functions such as front and rear lights as well as cruise control. Your smartphone also functions as biometric authentication. 

While most electric bikes in Sri Lanka require a license and registration to operate, Rhoda’s motor taps in at less than 750 watts, exempting it from above legalities. And unlike regular motorcycles, minimal service is required and all it takes is 0.5 CEB units or 4 hours of charging for a day’s worth of commuting. As opposed to the 2-4 Litres of fuel you would burn through in a day. Quite the bang for your buck, as well as eco friendly. 

The Rhoda AT SS Founders Edition, which is limited to the first 50 pre-orders and will be available in Q1 of 2021 (Image credits: Rhoda.life)

Starting at 129,000 LKR, the Rhoda comes in 3 variants. They are the Rhoda AT and the Rhoda AT SS. The Rhoda AT, the company’s entry model comes in a steel frame with a matt finish, while the Rhoda AT SS, the premium model comes in a stainless steel frame with a polished gloss finish. Both models have 4″ All-Terrain tires and have water-resistant builds. As well as a one year warranty on each. There’s also the Rhoda AT SS Founders edition, available for the first 50 pre-orders which will be available in the first quarter of 2021. So if you’re curious, head over to http://www.rhoda.life/


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